This Diwali win cash with Muqaabla!

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Muqaabla is a brand new quiz game app that lets you win cash prizes. With Muqaabla, all you need to do is participate in Live game sessions twice a day and answer 10 simple questions. The sessions go live on Monday through Friday at 1:00 PM and 9.30 PM. The questions are picture based and multiple choice; covering a variety of topics relevant to Indian users. Let us explore the world of Muqaabla.


Muqaabla is the perfect for winning money online

Winning money online was never easier. Tune in to the live game sessions, concentrate on picking the right answers. You will get special hints before every questions to make it all more easier for you. You will have 10 seconds to pick the right option. Once you pick an option, you will get to see the exact number of people who chose the same option. Next, you will get to know whether your answer is correct or incorrect along with a simple explanation for the answer. You will also get to see a live leader board to show you your rank.

Download Muqaabla to win some Diwali cash for friends and family

Muqaabla is coming up with an awesome referral scheme. Once you opt for this, you can refer the quiz app to multiple people. You can send referral codes to your friends and family members. People downloading Muqaabla through these referral codes will win a grand bonus of 1000 points. This is a rather good way to make sure you keep winning money! After all, Diwali is incomplete without spending some quality time playing games with your entire family. With this special feature, you get to involve your near and dear ones with the spectacular Muqaabla experience.

With Muqaabla, play Live games to hone your logical thinking

A lot of people worldwide, especially in India, love solving puzzles. Cracking questions that require logical thinking is a mighty good stress-buster. We all love to find out how smart we are! Muqaabla is a quiz game app that lets you exercise your brain muscles and win money out of it. It cannot get better than this! With Muqaabla you get to experience a whole new world of logical thinking and mathematical analysis. The questions are extremely simple and yet tricky on a rather interesting level Along with this, you will also find questions on Indian Culture, Advertising logos, riddles, and some awesome questions that require basic common sense and memory.

If you are the kind of person who loves those lovely logic puzzles, Muqaabla is tailor-made for you! What makes it even better is the fact that all questions on Muqaabla come with pictures and explanations. Even if you are not able to answer correctly, you will definitely learn new things every time you play. Download and install Muqaala now! On every new registration, there are 1000 bonus points. Grab these points by registering to win an upper hand at being one of the Top Scorers. All Top Scorers for individual sessions win cash prizes. Like we said, it does not get better than this. What are you waiting for? Hurry! Download India’s most exciting quiz app from Google Play Store today!



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