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game development

Game engines : Software for game development

Today we will give you a primer on game engines which are basically software for game development. Game engines provide necessary tools and features that a developer would need to create games in a quick and efficient manner. Developers can use game engines to create…

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Android racing games

Top 5 Android racing games

Android racing games are very popular. It is now possible to enjoy the thrill of a racing game from your phone. Improved controls, cooler graphics and fast internet speed make Android racing games fun to play. In this article we will give you the top…

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user interface

5 Aspects of User Interface

Today we will discuss an important aspect of mobile gaming- the User Interface or UI. What is user interface? In a game, user interface is the interface between the game and the person who is playing the game. So user interface means everything designed in…

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Android Studio

Android Studio: The official IDE for Android

In our journey to introduce you to tech, today we will discuss Android Studio. First to decode some jargon. What is IDE as you may have wondered after reading the headline? IDE stands for Integrated Android Development. IDE is a software that provides programmers with…

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app development

Angular 6: A popular game development platform

In this article, we will discuss Angular 6. This is the stuff of programmers and coders, our effort would be to introduce you to the wonderful world of app development. What is Angular 6? In layman’s terms Angular is a platform that is used to…

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live quiz shows

Live Quiz Shows on Radio

Before live quiz shows on mobile and television, there were live quiz shows on radio. The quiz format has been very popular for a very long time. Professor Quiz, one of the first live quiz shows Going down the history lane, the first live quiz…

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Android Games

5 most popular Android Games ever

What are 5 of the most popular Android games ever? The question is debatable. However, if you look at downloads and how these games have captured popular imagination, a few names stand out. We take a look at 5 most popular Android Games ever. You…

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