10 Reasons Why Android Quiz Games are so Popular

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Android Quiz Games

Android Quiz Games are taking the world by storm. There are several reasons for that. We take a quick look at 10 reasons why

Free to Install and Play

Android quiz games are free to download and play. One needs to install the game from the Google Play Store for free and fill in some basic information. Then one is good to go!

Attractive UI

These android quiz games have amazingly simple and interactive UIs that keep the users hooked. They are easy to navigate and understand and less cluttered. They have the right mix of colours with ample use of white space.

Multiple Languages

India is a land of many languages. While most of these Android quiz games are in English, they are also available in Hindi and other regional languages. This essentially means that players can play these android quiz games in the language of their choice.

Interesting Questions

Android quiz games like Muqaabla are not based on just general knowledge questions. They offer an interesting mix of questions which not only tests one’s knowledge but requires one to test their smartness. Muqaabla, for instance, offers picture –based questions with hints.

Varying Difficulty Levels

The mix of questions are of different difficulty levels, easy medium and hard. Answering easy questions gives the player a sense of achievement. Going ahead tougher questions are thrown at him. This is at a time when he has grown in confidence. The adrenaline rush is thus guaranteed.

Multiple Choices

These android quiz games work on the principle of multiple choice answers. Readers are asked to choose between 4 options and select the correct answer. Getting the right answer among four options always adds an element of thrill.

Display of Results

At the end of every level players can get to see a leader board where they can see how they have fared. They also get to know where they stand in respect to others.

Limited Time

The answers need to be answered within a given time limit. What it does it that it does not let any player search for the answer on Google. One has to think fast and quick and smart. This adds to the excitement of these Android quiz games.

Cash Prizes

The biggest attraction of Android quiz games is the chance to win cash prizes. These games dole out huge cash prizes which are split among the top scorers. When you play Muqaabla, you can win up to Rs 15,000 daily. If someone is playing the game regularly, one gets better at it and the chances of winning go

Play at Different Times

Such Android quiz games let you play at different times of the day based on your suitability. Muqaabla has 5 rounds daily throughout the day so that you can play when you have some time.

What other features attract people to android quiz games? Let us know in your comments.

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