6 unusual things about Gelato you need to know today!

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Gelato is one of the best things to have come out of Italy. Apart from other Italian culinary delights like pizza and pasta, Gelato is quite popular in India. Known for brutal summers, India is a land where ice-cream is overtly popular. Summers are the time when Indians flock to the ice-cream parlours to get a taste of their favourite dessert to beat the heat. Here are 10 interesting facts about Gelato you probably did not know.


The real difference between Gelato and Ice-cream

The proportion of milk and cream differs in the manufacturing process of Gelato and traditional ice-cream. In Gelato, the quantity of milk is higher than that of cream and the churning process is much slower. Hence, gelato comes out much more thicker than ice-cream. Also, there are generally no egg yolks used in the making of gelato.

Gelato comes from the word ‘frozen’

The word ‘congelato’ in Italian means frozen and the word ‘congelare’ means to freeze. This is where the word gelato comes from. Although gelato and ice-cream may have some subtle differences, they are basically the same thing. Both ice-cream and gelato are made from churning milk solids and cream with bits of fruit and nut thrown in.

Origin of Gelato

It is believed that ancient civilizations in China used to add salt and fruit to snow to make desserts. Even Romans and Egyptians are said to have had similar desserts. Though the usage of milk came in much later, initially gelato was much like the modern day ‘sorbet’.

Popularity of Gelato

A Sicilian fisherman is attributed with the use of the first gelato machine in 1686. Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli opened up a café in Paris and served a delicious serving of coffee and gelato to his customers. He is said to have sold gelato to great thinkers like Rousseau and Voltaire.

The Gelato World Cup

This is actually an event that is staged every 2 years. Participants come in from different countries all over the world to take part in this lovely competition! The World Cup invites Gelato makers, pastry chefs and ice sculptors from all over the word to participate in this culinary festival. The next competition is going to be the 9th edition that is slated to take place in 2020.

Gelato is less in fat and more in flavor than ice-cream

This is 100% true. Gelato contains lesser butterfat than ice-cream making it softer and silkier in texture. Also, gelato is stored in warmer temperatures which is why it is not ‘ice-cold’ when you take a bite into it. It is often said that Gelato is supposed to be much softer than ice-cream and easier to consume. Gelato is supposed to be served by a spatula and not a scoop. The flat base actually helps this dessert to remain soft while being served. The flavours are retained in Gelato due to less amount of air being churned.

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