Trivia Games – The rising popularity of trivia games in India

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Decoding trivia games

According to CNBC, the popularity of HQ, a trivia game app, has skyrocketed to over 1 million players per game. What makes a trivia game so popular in today’s age of instant Google results? From teenagers to the elderly, everyone seems to be hooked to the trivia game. Believed to be the Indian counterpart of HQ, LOCO is another such game that has attained major popularity in a very short span of time. 5 million Indians have downloaded the app and on an average, around 90,000 users participate daily to play the game and win prizes. Let us look at some of the factors that lead on to trivia games becoming such massive hits!

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Opportunity to win cash with live trivia games

Most Indian trivia games like Loco, BrainBaazi, and Qureka offer awesome cash prizes to the winners. Mostly, the cash prize is divided equally among winners if there is more than one. It is the appeal of winning easy money that draws people into playing trivia games whenever a session goes live. Indians especially tend to jump at the opportunity of winning anything free of cost!

Competing with the clock while playing trivia games

Most trivia games have a set span of time for answering each and every question. Generally, there is a set number of questions per session and users have a time limit to answer each question. This binds them to answer questions without taking external help from the internet. The thrill derived from giving correct answers in a limited time span is always a good thing to indulge in. it is one of the factors driving the soaring popularity of live trivia games.

Competing with the entire country while playing trivia games

The beauty of live trivia games lies in the fact that the users get to compete with strangers for a certain amount of cash money. It almost like the throbbing pulse of an entire nation pumping out heavy doses of adrenaline. Competing with fellow Indians constitutes a kind of unmatched fun that the users relish. This is also a deciding factor in the rise of live trivia games.

Winning  a lottery possible with trivia games

Some people have all the luck. Even when users do not know the right answers to particular questions, they can always rely on their luck and guessing prowess. What can be better than earning some easy money with the help of sheer guessing! It is definitely why so many thousands of people tune in on a regular basis to play all the sessions of popular live trivia games.

Another exciting Indian live trivia game is launching on the 24th of September. You can pre-register now to earn an extra 1000 points. Muqaabla is a platform for the young and elderly alike to win awesome cash prizes five times a week. The game sessions are slated to go live five times in a day. Download the app from Google play store and register to grab your 10,000 points. The game will have some interesting picture-based questions to keep your brain cells working. Pre-register now to win your early-bird bonus points!

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