3 Trends of Trivia Games in India

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Trivia games in India are luring users with interesting questions, a competitive environment, and big prize money

If you have been following our blog posts you would know that trivia games in India are a hit. More and more people are playing these games in their spare time. But is it not only a good time-pass activity. With these games offering cash as prize money, people are making good bucks playing them.

Trivia games in India

We take a look at some interesting trends regarding these trivia games in India.

Questions types for Trivia games in India

Questions: Trivia games in India are all about interesting trivia questions. These could be facts or nuggets of information which might not be something that you can use. But they have a novelty value.

The questions are not about dry facts and general knowledge but about interesting tidbits of information. For example, which is the only cricketing nation which has won 60 over, 50 over and 20 over world cups? The answer is India!

It not only makes you feel proud as an Indian but also is a bit of information that you would like to share with friends at a party.

Trivia questions are never bookish or boring but are easy questions that tease your brain and improve your general knowledge. This is the reason why trivia games are so popular.

Timings of Trivia games in India

Timings:  You can play most of these trivia games at specific times of the day. For example, you can play Loco at 1.30 pm and 10 pm daily. You can play Muqaabla on Monday over 5 sessions at 9 am, 12 noon, 3 pm, 6 pm and 9 pm.

Having specific timings build up an excitement among users. They look forward to a certain time to play their favorite game. Likewise, you need to answer questions within a given span of time.

This rules out the possibility of checking out an answer on Google.  More importantly, it gives the user the adrenaline rush that comes with gaming.

Prize Money Offered

Prize money: Trivia games in India are also offering big cash prizes to the winners. The amount can be as high as Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh per day. After all, that is what is drawing thousands of people to play such games.

This money is not something that one gets later. It is transferred instantly through mobile wallets like Paytm and MobiQwik.

You can win prize money in different scenarios. You can win for answering all questions correctly, for being the top scorer and so on. When there is a tie, winners share the prize money. Trivia games in India also hold bigger competitions where the prize money is higher.

Companies are looking to monetize such games in a big way. Corporate sponsors are coming in since there is a lot of user interest.

Trivia games in India are here to stay and you can win real money! Are you ready?

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