The Grand Launch of Muqaabla: India’s most Exciting Quiz App

Team Muqaabla    

Muqaabla is Live on Google Play store and we cannot stop gushing! Muqaabla is the ultimate quiz game with cash prizes that you can play on Monday through Friday. It is available in two languages – English and Hindi. Two game sessions are held each day, you can win awesome cash prizes two times a day! Register and grab 1,000 points to start playing.


Test your Capabilities with Muqaabla

Muqaabla will help you check you General knowledge, logical thinking, memory and Common sense. How fast can you think of the correct answer? How many questions can you answer correctly? Take a look at the Game Rules to find out more.

Muqaabla Game Rules

Users will have a choice to play in either Hindi or English. There will one session of Hindi and one session of English each day. At the beginning of each session, you will get 10,000 points to play. In case of any bonus points, you can use it too. Each session will have 3 rounds in total. Round 1 & 2 will have 4 questions each– correct answers get you 2000 points, wrong answer or not answering the question will result in a deduction of 1000 points. Round 3 will have 2 questions – correct answers get you 4000 points, wrong answers or not answering the question will result in a deduction of 1000 points. You get 2 LIFELINES per session, Lifelines reduces your answer options from 4 to 2, thus increasing your chance to get the correct answer. Questions are picture based and multiple-choice. You will get up-to 4 answer options per question. You will get 10 seconds to answer each question. You will get a special hint before every question and once all respondents have responded you will also get an explanation for each of the answers

After each session is over, the cash money is divided among the top scorers. Your points from one session DO NOT get carried over to the next one Check your rank on the Live Leaderboard.

Get to know Muqaabla

The idea is to give the maximum number of right answers. This will help you win more points. And that means winning awesome cash prizes! The origin of the word Muqaabla is Urdu, it literary translates to ‘competition’ and is widely used in Hindi as well. Hence, we thought it would be an apt name for a gaming portal and app which will change how Indians play quiz games online, once and for all.

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