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Remember Snake, the Classic Mobile Game?

Team Muqaabla    

Kids of today will not know Snake, a very popular mobile game back in the time when there were no smartphones. Or they would, because the game is still very popular!

The origin of Snake lies in the 1976 arcade game named Blockade created by Gremlin. In this game, two players play together. By using buttons that can go in four directions, each player can move their character. As a player does that he or she leaves a trail of a solid line behind them. The first person who hits something loses.

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The game grew in popularity in the 80s. It was made available in home computers including the Apple II. Versions of the game were created for different devices, even calculators.

The mobile game that changed mobile gaming

In 1997, Nokia started selling its model Nokia 6610 with the Snake mobile game. The game became immensely popular. And it would change mobile gaming forever.

The game got a cult status a few years later in 2000 when Nokia 3310 was launched. The model went on to become one of the best selling phones in history. This version of the game was called Snake II. The line now was in the pattern of a snake. There were bonus bugs or food. There were also mazes inside the play area. The next version was Snake Xenxia, followed by Snake EX, Snake EX2 and others.

Snake re- launch in 2017

The game was re-launched by Nokia in its new version of 3310 in 2017. Old memories were rekindled. The popular game was back!

But the new game is not like the original snake. The new version is made by Gameloft. The game is colourful. The snake is bigger and fatter. It does not move only in 90 degrees like the Snake game of old. It can move in arcs. There are levels with increasing difficulty. The obstacles have also become more complex. There are moving walls and bombs.

Other ways you can play the Snake Mobile Game

If you do not have a Nokia 3310, you can still play Snake. All you need to do is to download the Facebook Messenger app and then play the game right from your phone. A green screen like the old Nokia phone appears and you can play the game. Several versions of the Snake game are available on the Google Play Store.  You can also play the game from several online gaming sites. iPhone users can play different version of the Snake Game on their phones too.

Snake on a String

A new version of the Snake Mobile game available for download in the Play Store is Snake on a String. In this game there are more than 200 levels. You can unlock several snakes each of which look different. They also have different properties. The graphics and the sound effects add to the fun.

Do you play Snake? Which one do you prefer the most? Please let us know in your comments below.

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