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5 Things to keep in mind while playing riddle based games in India

Team Muqaabla    

Riddle Based Games – A typical Indian kid born and raised in the nineties will be able to tell you correctly how riddle based games were an integral part of childhood. A variety of things constitute riddle based games as a whole. This list features brain teasers, puzzles, and a variety of trick questions that require logical thinking to answer correctly. With a number of games available for playing online as well on mobile apps, here are a few things that should be kept in mind while attempting riddle based games.

riddle based games in India

Take the right amount of time

If you happen to be playing a time-bound game, it is important to utilize the given amount of time wisely. Take your time to think smart and keep your brain working. Trick questions are named so because of a reason. Take the following riddle for example:

What is the mistake in the the following list: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ?

80% of people trying to solve this riddle will automatically go through the alphabets from A-Z.
However, the answer lies elsewhere.

The word ‘the’ has been repeated.

Think out of the box

Riddles will test your intelligence and presence of mind. Therefore it is imperative that you try and think out of the box while trying to solve them. The moment you start taxing your mind in a different direction, not the hard and fast line of thinking, you will be able to solve puzzles and trick questions faster than your normal speed.

Do not presume a riddle based games is difficult before trying to solve it

Many people fall into the trap of pre-deciding that they cannot think of an answer to a particular question. The moment you decide a riddle based game is too difficult, your brain will automatically stop delving deep into reasoning to find an answer. Therefore, always think that you can, and you will!

Riddle based games are a workout for the brain cells

Many a times we are so bogged down with our work life and familial responsibilities, we forget to nurture our thinking and reasoning. Trying to solve riddle based games helps one de-stress and take the mind away from the concerns one has to deal with in life. In that case, riddles are actually a workout for the brain. Trying them out every now and then will actually be healthy for one’s mind.

Think twice before answering!

Trick questions will more often than not make you feel stupid. You might give an obvious answer, the one that comes to your mind first, but regret it later. The answers to riddles are actually quite simple.  You just need to think hard, twice or thrice but evaluate whether your answer meets the criteria in the question. For example:

What has keys but no locks, Space but no room, You can enter but you can’t exit?

A lot of answers might come into your head while trying to answer this one. Most people will think the answer is a prison cell.

The answer to the above question is actually a Keyboard!

There is already a plethora of riddle based games available to be played online. Muqaabla is another such game with a host of quirky, interesting riddles is going live on the 24th of September. Do not forget to download the app from the Google Play Store and start a daily workout for your brain!

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