3 Things You Need to Know About Quiz Gaming Addiction in India

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Quiz gaming addiction is on the rise in our country. A number of quiz apps have launched in the past year. These apps have opened up a whole new avenue for quiz lovers across India. These smart apps made for smart phones focus specifically on the internet savvy population. Fortunately, in India, ‘internet savvy’ pretty much covers a wide base. From teens to the elderly, everyone seems to be hooked to the internet. Therefore, in a country like India, the popularity of quiz games is slowly giving rise to a sweet addiction. More and more people are being drawn into the sporadic rise of online video games. With the introduction of a number of live quiz games from 2017 onwards, the trend is only going uphill. Here are 5 things you need to know about the quiz gaming addiction in India.

Quiz Gaming Addiction

Gain knowledge through your quiz gaming addiction

Did you know that your quiz gaming addiction is actually quite healthy for your brain! Playing live sessions of quiz games increases your general knowledge quotient by leaps and bounds. The questions cover everything from current affairs to political updates to pop culture. In the age of information, it is advisable to stay ahead of others. Playing live quiz games increases the chances of you being in advantage. You will learn many new things from your growing quiz gaming addiction.

Win cash through your quiz gaming addiction

Live quiz games offer an attractive amount of cash prizes. Your quiz gaming addiction will lead on to you winning cash almost every day, sometimes more than once in one day. The opportunity to win cash is one of the main reasons why the Indian population is hooked to quiz games. Apps like Loco, and BrainBaazi offer big amounts of cash to the winners, i.e. users who have been able to get all answers right. Generally there are around 10 multiple choice questions and a few seconds to answer them. If you get lucky, you get to be a sole winner and take home the prize amount. An addiction that brings you cash cannot go wrong! Use your quiz gaming addiction to win money daily.

Spend your free time productively through a quiz gaming addiction

The dictionary defines the word productively as ‘in a way that produces or increases something, especially wealth or resources; profitably’. Clearly, milking your quiz gaming addiction is not a bad idea at all! You can not only increase your knowledge in various different fields, you can even win cash prizes. There are various different apps available in India through which you can play live quiz games. Take it to a different level by playing all sessions religiously every single day. Moreover, you have nothing to lose. It takes about 10 minutes to take part in a live session. Investing 10 minutes can bring you some really fruitful results.

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