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5 Best trivia games in India you need to know about

Trivia games in India are a rage on the Internet like it is in most parts of the world. People simply love to play quiz and trivia games. It gives them a chance to test their knowledge. What’s more, you can play trivia games in…

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Playing a trivia game

Why is playing a trivia game the best exercise for the brain?

Quiz and trivia games help you increase your knowledge, reduce stress levels and boost your memory

Like our body needs exercise for us to stay fit, our mind also needs exercise to stay healthy. The idea is simple, the more you put your mind to use, the more in stays in the pink of health. Otherwise it rusts, just like a…

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Muqaabla Quiz Game India

Play and Win

We are talking about a quiz game app you can play and win real cash prizes. Are you game?

What do you when you need a short break? Go out for a cup of tea? Chat with a colleague? Or if you are at home probably do some channel surfing on TV? Studies have shown than short breaks during work help employees improve their…

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