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GK Quiz Games in India

Popularity of GK Quiz Games in India – Muqaabla

A quest for knowledge defines every human being. This is the reason that quiz games have always been so popular. With the rise of mobile gaming, GK quiz games have caught the imagination of the audience. Questions in these GK quiz games are spread over…

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Picture Based Quiz games

Popularity of Picture Based Quiz games

Picture Based Quiz games - Post the soaring popularity of social media, people tend to take more interest in pictorial content rather than plain old text. Quizzes are a good way to take your mind off from the stress of daily challenges that life throws…

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Indian quiz game

Muqaabla : Indian quiz game with a difference

Indian quiz game - When you play Muqaabla, you have to answer picture-based questions which will test both your general knowledge and your thinking ability. With other ‘quiz’ and ‘trivia’ games in Indian quiz game market; we at team Muqaabla knew one thing. We needed…

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Play quiz games to earn money

Play quiz games to earn money

Play quiz games to earn money – Now you can also play quiz games to earn money. So it is time to put your general knowledge to test and earn big bucks. Do you want to play quiz games to earn money? Quiz games have…

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quiz games

3 Effective Ways in Which Quiz Games Help in Learning

Quiz games have been quite popular among kids since time immemorial. It is no secret that the ability to score points by giving the right answers is a much loved activity that all age groups can be engaged with. In India, the quizzing culture has…

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video games technology

The evolution of video games technology has changed gaming forever

Video Games Technology - We have come a long way from those days of beefy gaming consoles and simple snake games on TVs and mobile phones. With the exponential growth of the internet and gaming technology in the last ten years, a variety of super…

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Quiz Games in India

Quiz Games in India – 5 Quiz Gaming Apps

Quiz games in India are catching the imagination of the audience by offering quiz questions across categories. You can also win cash prizes if you answer questions correctly. The popularity of quiz game apps in India are on a rise. With mobile gaming picking up,…

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Trivia games in India

3 Trends of Trivia Games in India

Trivia games in India are luring users with interesting questions, a competitive environment, and big prize money If you have been following our blog posts you would know that trivia games in India are a hit. More and more people are playing these games in…

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