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Quiz Games in Hindi

Why Quiz Games in Hindi are a Hit

Quiz games in Hindi are popular because there are about 52 crore Hindi speakers in India.  Hindi is the most commonly spoken language in India. The quiz game Muqaabla can be played in English and Hindi. Going ahead there is a plan to launch it…

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online quiz games

How brands can use online quiz games for marketing

Online quiz games are an effective tool for brands to reach out to their customer base. Online quiz games are a smart way for a brand to know about their potential customers and what they like. They can also engage them and convert them into…

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riddle based games in India

5 Things to keep in mind while playing riddle based games in India

Riddle Based Games - A typical Indian kid born and raised in the nineties will be able to tell you correctly how riddle based games were an integral part of childhood. A variety of things constitute riddle based games as a whole. This list features…

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trivia games

Trivia Games – The rising popularity of trivia games in India

Decoding trivia games According to CNBC, the popularity of HQ, a trivia game app, has skyrocketed to over 1 million players per game. What makes a trivia game so popular in today’s age of instant Google results? From teenagers to the elderly, everyone seems to…

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Bollywood quiz games

3 Reasons why Bollywood quiz games are popular

Bollywood quiz games - reasons behind its popularity Bollywood has always been a sought-after topic for Indians. Be it news of upcoming films or the personal lives of actors, Bollywood generates a hefty amount of interest. For Bollywood quiz games as well, there is a huge…

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online quiz games

4 Reasons Online Quiz Games are a Rage Among Youngsters

The popularity of online quiz games in India The youth of today are easily distracted. It is very difficult to hold their attention onto something solid. We live in a ‘Blink-and-you-miss’ era of Snapchat stories and Facebook Feeds. To keep the youth engaged is a…

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quiz games for adults

Quiz Games for Adults are a hit. Are you playing?

Quiz games for adults are engaging thousands of players across the country and there are cash prizes to be won The KBC shows not only revived Amitabh Bacchan’s career, it also made quiz games for adults very popular in India. All of a sudden, quiz…

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