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Android Quiz Games

10 Reasons Why Android Quiz Games are so Popular

Android Quiz Games are taking the world by storm. There are several reasons for that. We take a quick look at 10 reasons why Free to Install and Play Android quiz games are free to download and play. One needs to install the game from…

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Quiz Gaming Addiction

3 Things You Need to Know About Quiz Gaming Addiction in India

Quiz gaming addiction is on the rise in our country. A number of quiz apps have launched in the past year. These apps have opened up a whole new avenue for quiz lovers across India. These smart apps made for smart phones focus specifically on…

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English Quiz Games

3 Reasons You Should Play English Quiz Games

The popularity of English Quiz Games is slowly gaining momentum English quiz games in India is getting more and more popular. India is a country with the population of teeming millions. Nonetheless, only about 12% of the Indian population use spoken English as a means…

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Win Money Online

4 Ways You Can Win Money Online in Your Spare Time

Believe it or not, there are ways to win money online. All you need is some time and a smartphone with an internet connection. We take a look at ways you can win money online. Take part in surveys to win money online You can…

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Brain Quiz Games

Give Your Brain a Workout by Playing Brain Quiz Games

Do you play brain quiz games? If not, let us understand why you should make playing brain quiz games a regular habit. Here are a few questions we would like you to answer. Do you go to the gym or for a run? Do you…

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Quiz Games for Students

3 Reasons Why Quiz Games for Students are Popular

Quiz Games for Students make a good pastime for a large chunk of the population. These types of quizzes are heavily popular all over the world. For students, the ultimate joy is to take time off from studies and indulge in productive activities. A quiz…

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cinema quiz games

3 reasons why playing cinema quiz games is the best

Cinema quiz games in India – the country with cinema-crazy people! Cinema Quiz Games - India is the land of colors, festivals, and films. We all love watching, discussing and breathing films. Being the second largest movie churning industry in the entire world, Bollywood truly rules…

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trivia games

Building trivia games with people in mind

Building Trivia Games - When developing Muqaabla, we tried to put ourselves in the shoes of those who play trivia games Building trivia game is quite an interesting task. One needs to know what will work with the audience and what won’t. There are many…

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