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Quiz app with cash prize

Are you Playing a Quiz App with Cash Prize?

In this blog we will take a look at mobile games that fall into the category of a quiz app with cash prize. Mobile gaming has caught on big time in India. India is one of the top 5 countries for mobile gaming in the…

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Food Quiz Games

5 Superb Reasons to Play Food Quiz Games

Who should play food quiz games? Food quiz games are for all and sundry. Are you the kind of person who is constantly thinking about food? If yes, welcome to a rather large boat. Foodies make for the biggest community worldwide. There was no pun…

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3 Most Popular Quiz Game Shows on Indian Television

Quiz game shows have been popular in India since the late 1980’s. Siddharta Basu, lovingly called the ‘Father of Indian Television Quizzing’ started the trend of quiz shows in India. He has been a pioneer in this arena. He has hosted, produced and directed many…

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Trivia Games

5 Interesting Facts about Trivia Games

Trivia Games have always been Popular Let us first take a look at how the word trivia came about. The origin of the word: According to www.etymonline.com the word trivia comes from Latin ‘trivium’ which means a ‘place where there roads meet.’ The adjective of…

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Movie Quiz Games

5 Best Movie Quiz Games on Google Play Store

Movie quiz games are a blast, we will have to admit . There is nothing like guessing the correct Bollywood song by glancing at a scene. Out of the hundreds of quiz games available on app stores, movie quiz games are quite popular. Specially in…

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Quiz Game App

What it takes to Develop a Quiz Game App

Developing a quiz game app is an exciting process. It needs to start with a vision. Who is the quiz game app for? What purpose does it serve? A great app needs to start with a great vision. Quiz game app Muqaabla started with a…

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Fun Quiz Games

8 Fun Quiz Games You can Play for Free

Fun quiz games are very easy to come by nowadays. All you need is a smart phone and an internet connection. Playing fun quiz games is very popular in India. Hundreds of thousands of people use their mobiles and other devices to download, install and…

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