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This Diwali win cash with Muqaabla!

Muqaabla is a brand new quiz game app that lets you win cash prizes. With Muqaabla, all you need to do is participate in Live game sessions twice a day and answer 10 simple questions. The sessions go live on Monday through Friday at 1:00…

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app marketing

Mobile App Marketing Basics

Of all the things we have learnt while building the Muqaabla app, app marketing is surely one of the most important. Building a great app is not enough, like any other product or service it needs to be marketed. Basically one needs reach out to…

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mobile games

Reasons why mobile games are so popular

Mobile games are gaining popularity in India at a phenomenal rate. More than 222 million active users spent an average of 42 minutes every day over 5 sessions as of 2017. This is according to data by POKKT, a mobile video advertising platform. We take…

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mobile game

Remember Snake, the Classic Mobile Game?

Kids of today will not know Snake, a very popular mobile game back in the time when there were no smartphones. Or they would, because the game is still very popular! The origin of Snake lies in the 1976 arcade game named Blockade created by…

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Android Games

5 platforms that let you develop Android apps

Since it is the largest mobile platform, Android apps have a large user base. You need coding expertise to develop Android apps. However, there are several platforms that provide necessary tools to help you develop Android apps. We take a look at some of the…

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quiz show

Muqaabla Quiz show a big hit at a Puja Club

The quiz show sponsored by Muqaabla at a Puja club in South Dum Dum on Sasthi was a huge crowd puller. Residents were aware that a quiz show would be hosted at 6.30 pm in the evening. There were pamphlets distributed in each of the…

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Quiz games

Must have features for Kick-ass Quiz Games

Quiz games are a big hit on the Internet.  They are downloaded and played by millions of users worldwide. What does it take to make a successful quiz app? We at Muqaabla, look at some of the main features that good quiz games should have.…

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