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Quiz games in India are catching the imagination of the audience by offering quiz questions across categories. You can also win cash prizes if you answer questions correctly.

The popularity of quiz game apps in India are on a rise. With mobile gaming picking up, it is possible to download quiz apps to your phone and start playing. With so many quiz game apps in India, each of these apps are coming up with new and exciting features. The idea is to get more and more people hooked to their app. We take a look at 5 quiz games in India.

5 Quiz Games in India

Quiz Games in India

Go Millionaire: This quiz game offers 2 live shows per day at 1.30pm and 10 pm with 6 questions per game. There is a cash reward if you can answer a certain number of questions correctly in a given period of time. You can also invite your friends to get money and extra lives. The range of topics for this quiz game includes Bollywood, cricket, history, music, politics, and so on.

General Knowledge Quiz: This game makes it fun testing your general knowledge and contains thousands of questions from various categories. Questions are there on topics like history, literature, science, technology, geography, arts, humanities, etc. The game links the questions to Wikipedia articles so that you can learn new things even after you answer a question.

Muqaabla: Muqaabla is a quiz game in India that you can play every Monday. There are 5 sessions at 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm and 9 pm. You can win cash prizes by being the top scorer in each session. The prize money for each session depends on the number of players who log in to play the game. So if more people log in, the prize money is higher! In each session, there are 10 questions over 3 rounds with 3, 3 and 2 questions in each round. The questions are visual-based and will test your general knowledge and make you think.

Eureka Quiz Game: When talking of quiz games in India, Eureka deserves a mention. The game has 5,000+ quiz questions spread over 5 levels of difficulty. There are 16 categories of knowledge including history, sports, geography, technology and more. The game is available offline. You can submit your score to the online list and you can compare your score with your friends.  Players can also submit questions which are added to the database after review.

Quiz of Knowledge: This is game is another one of the quiz games in India that has 4,000 plus questions spread over 5 levels of difficulty. The questions are from 16 categories including history, sports, geography, technology and others. This game is available offline too. You have 20 seconds to answer each question and 3 lives, for 5 correct answers in a row. Players can add questions too.

Quiz games in India are a rage with thousands of people signing up to play. These games are catering not only to kids, students who want to brush up their general knowledge, but also adults. It is time to brush up your general knowledge.

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