3 Effective Ways in Which Quiz Games Help in Learning

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Quiz games have been quite popular among kids since time immemorial. It is no secret that the ability to score points by giving the right answers is a much loved activity that all age groups can be engaged with. In India, the quizzing culture has been thriving from the late 80’s wherein televised shows of quiz game competitions between different schools have garnered a huge amount of popularity.

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Quiz games as an integral part of Active Learning

Educational institutes all over the world have long been discussing about the implementation of Active Learning – a teaching technique where the student engages in physical and cognitive activities in order to learn, as opposed to passively listening to study text being taught inside classrooms. Studies have shown that active learning is a far better way to teach children and make sure they actually retain their learning in the future. The adaptation of this method makes sure that the students take a keen interest in studying instead of dreading the idea of listening to long lectures.

Quiz Games are a fun tool to impart knowledge in specific fields of school subjects.

Quiz Games as a Boost in Positive Competitiveness

The sense of competition in the right amount can do wonders for growing children and their competency. When students face the possibility of scoring over their classmates, they automatically gear up to do their best. This sense of competition is often what drives a number of children to do better in their exams. The idea of a quiz game can prove fruitful when it comes to getting students to take more interest in their study material. Many teachers have devised ways to pair up or team up the students of a class and conduct formal quiz games as a means to evaluate performance assessments and class tests.

Quiz Games as Competence Enhancer

A lot of people might argue that games played on electronic devices or any quiz games for that matter can only be a deterrent when it comes to actual learning; but a number of studies have found out that quiz games can actually help students with learn competency when implemented correctly. It is actually one of the most interesting ways to get students to learn or memorize things that would otherwise prove tedious. A number of quiz games that have launched in the past few years all target the educational market as it is genuinely simple to get students to learn through these quiz games.

One of the most important reasons for the widespread popularity of quiz games is the opportunity to evaluate one’s knowledge. Therefore, it is simple logic, that quiz games are a vital tool in the implementation of new-age learning and teaching techniques.

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