5 Quiz Games for Whatsapp you need to know about

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Quiz games for Whatsapp are catching the fancy of its users. We all know about the phenomenon that is Whatsapp. All of us use it to share messages, photos and also to do video calling. Life without Whatsapp is unthinkable.

But what are quiz games for Whatsapp? Does Whatsapp allow you to play quiz games?

Quiz Games for Whatsapp

Not really. But you can share loads of interesting things on Whatsapp from interesting forwards and jokes. In the same way, people are using Whatsapp to share quiz games and puzzles with friends.

We take a look at some interesting games that are being shared on Whatsapp.

Guess the movie quiz games for Whatsapp

You have to guess the name of a movie from the series of emojis.

Find below a simple example.

Guess the name of the Salman Khan movie.

Quiz Games for Whatsapp

The answer is ‘ Hum Saath Saath Hain’.

This can be for both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. What better way to share these among friends and test who can get the most correct answers?

Guess the name quiz games for Whatsapp

Here you are given a list of sentences which have hidden clues in them. You have to guess names of a fruit, a car, or a country from them. Let us take a simple example.

Find the name of the fruit here

Where did the man go?

The answer is Mango.

The idea again is to read the sentence carefully and guess the correct name.

Picture Puzzle quiz games on Whatsapp

Here there are pictures shared in Whatsapp which have a quiz or a puzzle question related to it. So there may be a picture of a Birthday cake and a few sets of clues. From this, you would have to guess the age of the person. There could be a picture of a maze of triangles. The question could ask you to guess the number o triangles in the picture. These are basically pictorial questions that test your smartness.

Detective quiz games on Whatsapp

This is another popular form of quiz games on Whatsapp. There is a crime scene and then asked a question like who is the killer. Or the question may be if a person has been murdered or if he has committed suicide. Looking at the picture carefully, you have to guess the correct answer. Here too you need to apply your brains and think on your feet to get the correct answer. Just like a real detective, you have to find out the truth from the clues.

Maths quiz games on Whatsapp

These quiz games are maths based and test your mathematical skills. There could be a set of numbers. You may have to guess the next number in the series. Or there could an equation that you need to solve. You need to spot the clues and get at the correct answer.

Do you receive quiz games on Whatsapp? How good are you at them? Please tell us in your comments below.

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