5 Popular Indian folk Dance forms and all you need to know about them

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Indian folk Dance forms are all about colorful costumes, graceful gestures and unbelievably energetic music accompaniment. Popular all over the world, Indian folk dances are enthused with the flavours of the region that they belong to. Each and every folk dance has an exclusive look constituted by a certain kind of costume. Men and women have equal participation in all the festivities that have the dance performances as an integral part. Let us take a look into the 5 most popular folk dances in all of India.

Indian Folk Dance

Indian Folk Dance #1 – Rouff, Jammu and Kashmir

This dance from the beautiful locale of Jammu and Kashmir is performed solely by women. This dance is performed to welcome the lovely season of spring. The dance is performed through simple footwork. During the performance, the dancers are usually arranged in two rows. A melodious music called chakri is what the dance is performed to. The women performing this dance put their arms around each other to foster a bond of harmony. This dance is all about elegance and grace. It is performed during the festivals of Ramzan and Id.

Indian Folk Dance #2 – Bhangra, Punjab

This folk dance that has been incessantly popularized over the years by Indi-pop singers and Bollywood music. A colorful splash of colours is always the main element of Bhangra. Along with that, it is the infectious energy with which this dance is performed. The female version of this folk dance is called Gidda. While Bhangra is associated with loud music and flamboyant dance moves, Gidda is more feminine. Gidda is performed by women during festivities, especially during weddings. Bhangra is performed during the harvest season.

Indian Folk Dance #3 – Ghoomar, Rajasthan

This dance from the land of Rajputs was originally performed by the Bhil tribe. The Rajputs took it up and started performing it during festivities, religious gatherings and weddings alike. This particular dance derives its name from Hindi for ‘turning’ or ‘twirling’. Swirling is one of the most important elements of this dance. The women performing the dance wear Long skirts called ghargra which make the swirls look all the more elegant. In Rajasthan, this dance is supposed to be performed by newly-wed brides welcoming their new homes.

Indian Folk Dance #4 – Lavani, Maharashtra

This dance is accompanied by sonorous songs and the ‘Dholki’. The dancers wear their sarees in typical Maharashtrian style during the performance. Lavani is generally performed by women. This dance form has been depicted in many Marathi films as it is one of the most important folk dances from the state. The theme for the songs and dance of Lavani are socio-political in nature. The origin of the dance goes back to a time when it was performed to entertain soldiers back from a war.

Indian Folk Dance #5 – Bihu, Assam

This dance form is performed by both men and women. The instruments used with Bihu Dhol – a percussion instrument, a horn and the Pepa – an instrument made of Bamboo. Red is a predominant colour in the costume for this folk dance. While the women have red borders on their Sarees, the men have red headbands to adorn their costume. This dance is performed during the Assamese new year in April. This dance is also performed during October and January. The Bihu festival is strongly associated with agriculture and harvest.

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