Give Your Brain a Workout by Playing Brain Quiz Games

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Do you play brain quiz games? If not, let us understand why you should make playing brain quiz games a regular habit. Here are a few questions we would like you to answer. Do you go to the gym or for a run? Do you do any other form of exercise? Why?

Brain Quiz Games

Because exercising keeps the body fit.

But do you know that like the body, the brain also needs exercise to stay fit? So think of the equivalent of the brain lifting weights or jogging. The more you ‘exercise’ your brain, the healthier it stays.

Playing chess, solving crossword puzzles and doing puzzles like Sudoku are great ways to give your brain a workout.  If you have little time and are on the move, playing brain quiz games is also a good idea.

How Does Playing Brain Quiz Games Help You?

When you play brain quiz games, a few things happen to your brain. It sharpens your logical thinking skills. Your ability to react and respond to situations improves. You can think better and faster. Playing brain quiz games regularly keeps you alert and agile. If you spend a few minutes playing brain quiz games, your mind is recharged. The cobwebs that form in your brain due to repetitive tasks get cleared away. You can concentrate on your job at hand better. As we grow older, our brains shrink.  That is why when people get very old their memory tends to fade. Playing brain quiz games is a way to keep your mind ticking and boost your memory. So whether you are a college student, a young professional or a retired person, brain quiz games are good for you.

But does playing quiz games actually make you smarter?

Here is a caveat. A recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience says something else. It says that we cannot say that playing brain games translated into improvements in cognitive functioning and decision making. But even the harshest critics agree on one thing. The more you play such games, the better you get at playing the game. Your scores improve and so does your chances of winning.

When we were building a question bank for Muqaabla, we decided to have a mix of trivia questions and ‘trick’ questions. What do we mean by trick questions? . These are questions where you have to apply your brain. The idea is to think on your feet, to think outside the box. The obvious answer will not be the correct answer. To get the correct answer you have to apply your grey cells and do it fast. So Muqaabla is not just a trivia game it is also a brain quiz game.

Let us take an example.

Question: What gets sharper the more you use it?

Answer: A pencil? No, that gets blunter the more we use it. The answer is …the brain!

Which brings us back to what we have been saying all along. Brain quiz games are good for you.

Do you think that playing brain quiz games can make you smarter? Please let us know in the comments below.

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