Are you Playing a Quiz App with Cash Prize?

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In this blog we will take a look at mobile games that fall into the category of a quiz app with cash prize. Mobile gaming has caught on big time in India. India is one of the top 5 countries for mobile gaming in the world. It is estimated that India’s mobile gaming industry will be worth $1 billion by 2020.

Quiz app with cash prize

Action games, racing games, strategy and puzzle games are very popular. But we have also seen the growth of quiz apps with cash prize. Mostly these are multi-player quiz and trivia games. Players can log in at a certain time and they are asked to answer some questions in a given period of time. The top scorers are eligible to win cash prizes.
Mobile games are played by people in their leisure time. When you are playing a quiz app with a cash prize, you have several benefits. You can test your smartness and general knowledge. You can compete with several other players in real time. These quiz apps with cash prize are free to download, register and play. And what’s more they let you win cash prizes.

The first quiz app with cash prize

When you are thinking of an app with cash prize, the first name that comes to mind is HQ Trivia. The game, launched in the US, in 2017 is a quiz app with cash prize. The host asks a series of 12-15 questions in all starting from easy to hard. There are 3 possible answers for each question. Players who correctly answer all the questions split the prize money.

In India too there are several apps which fall into the category of a quiz app with cash prize. Loco and BrainBaazi are some such popular apps. Another quiz app with cash prize that will be launched soon is Muqaabla.

Muqaabla, a quiz app with cash prize

Muqaabla, India’s most exciting quiz app with cash prize that lets you win real prize money will be launched on 8th October 2018 and will run for 12 consecutive weeks ending of Dec 28, 2018. Anyone can download the app from the Google Play Store for free, register and start playing.

Muqaabla, the quiz app with cash prize, can be played in English and Hindi, five times a week from Monday to Friday. Everyday there will be two sessions, one in Hindi and one in English. You can win up to Rs. 10,000 daily by answering 10 simple questions correctly.

Win cash prizes!

As mentioned above, the total prize money for each session will be Rs.10,000.

You can win up to Rs 10,000 daily by answering 10 simple questions correctly. The rewards will be paid quickly through a mobile wallet so there will not be any long waiting.

After the regular season ends on Dec 28, 2018. The reward will be split equally among the top scorers for both Hindi and English.

Top players will be eligible to participate in a Mega Finale, scheduled for January, 2019 where they will have an opportunity to win an additional Rs 50,000.

This quiz app with cash prize will have picture-based questions. First, a hint will appear on the screen after which the question and the picture will be displayed. Then the player will get four options out of which he or she has to choose the correct answer within a given time. Once the player has selected the answer, the correct answer will be displayed with an explanation.

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