5 platforms that let you develop Android apps

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Since it is the largest mobile platform, Android apps have a large user base. You need coding expertise to develop Android apps. However, there are several platforms that provide necessary tools to help you develop Android apps. We take a look at some of the popular app builders where you can develop Android apps. Most of these have a free trial period beyond which you have to subscribe to a pricing plan according to your needs.

Android Games

Android Studio

Android Studio provides tools for developing Android apps on every type of Android Device. It lets you create complex layouts and then preview them on different screens. It also lets you reduce the size of your Android app by analysing and inspecting the contents of your APK. You can further simulate different configurations and edit your code. Android Studio also provides you real-time statistics of your app’s performance so that you can fine-tune it.

The App Builder

It helps you to build Android apps with easy to edit designs and elements. You can develop an app at the fraction of the cost of what it takes to hire skilled mobile developers. The App Builder also lets you start marketing your Android games from the dashboard. You can send push notifications through third party app marketing platforms, activate analytics and integrate in-app advertising.


It is a do-it-yourself app creation platform that lets anyone create Android games without any coding knowledge. It packs features like built in notifications, HTML 5 functionality, native high resolution photo galleries, live updates and more. You can control all apps through a dashboard and customise your app’s look and functionality. The platform also lets you preview your Android apps in real time and then publish it.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie lets you build Android Apps without any knowledge of coding through a drag and drop app- building software. You can develop the app step by step and then launch it to the Google Play Store. Appy Pie also allows you to monetise your app. Plus you can access critical data and powerful insights to enhance your app.

App Machine

App Machine lets you build Android apps completely from scratch. You can create custom apps with 35+ pre-coded building blocks and also select design templates. App Machine also lets you promote your app through an app site.

There are several other app builders out there. What is your favourite platform to develop Android apps? Please tell us in comments below.

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