Popularity of Picture Based Quiz games

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Picture Based Quiz games – Post the soaring popularity of social media, people tend to take more interest in pictorial content rather than plain old text. Quizzes are a good way to take your mind off from the stress of daily challenges that life throws at you. Pictorial content helps motivate the mind and relieve stress from the human mind. According to a survey, 76% of the online population is likely to click on content with pictures rather than standalone text. The character of new media is such that more and more people are inclined towards content with interesting pictures.

Picture Based Quiz games

In India, the majority of the working class people engage in online activities (checking news feed, playing games) while commuting to their workplace.  In cities like Mumbai and Kolkata, you will find hordes of people huddled together inside local trains and crowded buses. Most of them would be hooked to their smartphones, either playing picture based games or engaging on social media. It is imperative to understand why pictorial visual content works at this age.

Picture Based Quiz games relieve Stress

Pictures have been deemed important since time immemorial for all kinds of content. Be it books, magazines, newspapers or comics of course; pictures bring life to a story. Children’s textbooks are always loaded with a number of pictures per chapter in order to bring in the fun element in studies.

Similarly, any quiz game will automatically turn more interesting if the questions are based on pictures. Like they say “A picture says a thousand words”, ideas have been better enunciated with the help of relevant pictures.  Hence, even with quiz games, picture-based questions are more likely to generate interest than just text-based or logic based questions.

Picture Based Quiz games are easier to crack

Adding a pictorial element always helps in grabbing the attention of users at any given point of time. Even for children or teens, a picture will undoubtedly hold their attention for a longer time than otherwise. When opting for quiz games, people seek a kind of adrenalin rush which gets heightened with visuals. Therefore, a picture based quiz is easier for the user to crack as he/she can take the help of a visual aid. Not only that, pictures enhance the essence of quiz games. Along with information on a particular topic, users are engaged with pictures to make the knowledge memorable.

Picture Based Quiz games bring a fun element into learning

The idea is to make ‘infotainment’ accessible to the common man. Picture based quiz games go a long in way in achieving that goal. Even with riddles and brain teasers, the pictorial element of a question is the main hook. We are living in the age of excessive information, pictures play an important role in this.

Given a choice, we are sure the quiz enthusiasts will pick a picture based game over a text-only one. Not only are they more engaging, Picture Based Quiz games help to convey more information in lesser time.

In the age of Instagram stories, there are a variety of topics to scroll through on feeds from various platforms. It is only natural that pictorial elements are likely to work better towards consumer reach. Therefore, it is always fun and exciting to opt for a Picture based Quiz games in your spare time!

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