How brands can use online quiz games for marketing

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Online quiz games are an effective tool for brands to reach out to their customer base. Online quiz games are a smart way for a brand to know about their potential customers and what they like. They can also engage them and convert them into actual customers.

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Online Quiz Games – We look at 3 types of questions brands can use to engage the customer.

  1. Logo quiz: Quiz questions that ask players to guess the name of a brand from a logo works well. We associate a brand with a logo. The three-pointed star is synonymous with Mercedes and the swoosh with Nike. Similarly, the red, white and blue design in a swirl we associate with Pepsi. There can be questions on logos of different brands in online quiz games. The brands can also feature their own logo.
  2. Brand recognition: Online quiz games may also be an effective tool to find out if customers know the brand. Brands can also find out if people know what it stands for. Let us say there is a brand which is into food delivery. The quiz can name the brand, ask what it is into and have food delivery as one of the four options. Further, the explanation of the answer can have some more details about the brand. This is a good way of enhancing brand recognition if done subtly.
  3. Personality quiz: This is another way of getting the audience to know your brand and engage with it through online quiz games. Let us take an example. Suppose there is a holiday booking company. They can ask people playing online quiz games what kind of holiday they prefer. Do they like going to a beach, visiting the mountains or going for a jungle Safari? Based on their response, the brand can show them options to book a holiday which they might wish to take. If someone wants to book a holiday with them, the company may even offer a discount. Or let us say there is a fitness company. A quiz about diet, fitness and similar topics can engage potential customers.

While brands can host their own quizzes, they can work with online quiz games to market their brand. This will help them to reach out to a huge targeted customer base at a low cost. The other way of doing it is by leveraging online quiz games like Muqaabla. They can sponsor sessions and give away prizes in return of strategic brand marketing within the online quiz games.

How likely are you to engage with a brand if you answer quiz questions based on it? Let us know in comments.

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