4 Reasons Online Quiz Games are a Rage Among Youngsters

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The popularity of online quiz games in India

The youth of today are easily distracted. It is very difficult to hold their attention onto something solid. We live in a ‘Blink-and-you-miss’ era of Snapchat stories and Facebook Feeds. To keep the youth engaged is a mighty big task. Online quiz games have been popular for ages. There are some specific reasons why they are becoming all the more popular.

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Online quiz games let you win cash prizes

One of the biggest factors for the increasing popularity of online quiz games is the appeal of easy money. Most online quiz games like ‘Loco’ and ‘BrainBaazi’ give out cash prizes to their winners. The opportunity of earning some easy cash is what makes these online quiz games extremely popular.

Online quiz games increase knowledge manifold

Who would not want to increase trivia knowledge by earning money? Online quiz games let you do exactly that. The act of answering questions to test your knowledge is very addictive. Youngsters especially get hooked on to this aspect of online quiz games. This feature is heightened by the existence of a time limit. There is a certain adrenalin rush in finding out one’s knowledge or aptitude by participation in time-bound online quiz games

Online quiz games give rise to competitiveness

Nothing compares to a  sense of high-action competitiveness. Popular online quiz games across India have focused on keeping these games live. Often the youngsters are aware of the acute stress of competing with lakhs of Indians online. This sense brings forth a sense of competition that is nothing less than overpowering. Live online quiz games often have multiple players competing against each other for the top rank. Being a top scorer makes you win cash easily. Hence the sense of competitiveness is one of the major factors that drive hundreds of thousands of youngsters towards online games.

Online gaming provides Engaging content

Most of the popular online quiz games have a host of entertaining features that attract thousands of Indians towards participating. The sessions are live and most of the times, there is a host anchoring the session. With most online quiz games, the live ranking provided is a major reason for the popularity of that game. When the players get to know where they stand, they tend to take things more seriously. Moreover, the questions of most of the online quiz games are taken from various fields, making them highly interesting for the youth of India.

One such game, Muqaabla is about to have its big launch on the 24th of September. With this online quiz game, participants can win cash five times a day. The questions are picture based and extremely interesting. The players will get 10 seconds to answer each question. The top scorers form each and every session will get a cash prize that will be divided evenly amongst the top rankers.

Hoping the youth of India will make online gaming, even more, happening in the coming days.

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