5 Best Online Quiz Games for Indians

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Online quiz games are picking up on enormous popularity. In India, users download and play quiz games for various different reasons. Majority of the people play quiz games to test their knowledge and scoring skills. Aspiring candidates for different exams play quiz games to assess the quality of questions. A number of people play quiz games to simply pass time doing something productive.

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Quiz games can be pretty addictive. You will keep going up the levels by answering correctly and that surely will make you feel good! Henceforth, it is only natural that you are hooked to such games. In this article we will look at some really interesting online quiz games tailor-made for quiz loving Indians!

 Online quiz games for Indians #1 Online Quiz

Test your knowledge with around 1000+ questions and 10+ categories of questions. Categories include General Knowledge, Computer, Maths, English, Movies, Sports, Science, Capitals and History. This game will help you increase knowledge, observation power, and a detailed IQ report. The scoreboard will reflect your knowledge quotient  in the various different categories that you try out.

Online quiz games for Indians #2 QuizUp

A healthy blend of social networking and quiz game, this app will surely win your heart over! Therefore, it is important to try this one out first and foremost. This game boasts of thousands of topics to choose from. There are millions of players to play with. What’s more, you can even build your own quiz and post it online. This online quiz game has everything that is needed to keep your hooked.

Online quiz games for Indians #3 Superbuzzer Trivia Quiz Game

A real-time multiplayer trivia quiz game will keep you on your toes. This game is extremely addictive. You can challenge your friends and beat them with your knowledge. Avail thousands of questions from over 70 different categories. You can play against known friends or random strangers. Every game consists of three different rounds. An interesting mix of playing to compete with other players, this game will surely give you a quiz buzz!

Online quiz games for Indians #4 Online General Knowledge Quiz

This game has been specially designed for students wanting to gain some knowledge. Appropriate for students between classes 3 & 10, this one is a sure-shot method to ensure learning. What is unique is that, the questions keep changing every two months to retain the fresh innovation. You can play in three different languages, English, Hindi and Urdu.

Online quiz games for Indians #5 Quiz It – Best Online quiz

This game is a multiplayer wherein you can easily challenge your friends or other people. You will find more than 2000 exciting illustrated questions to test your brain cells. Moreover, there are more than 20 topics to let you choose from. You can customize your avtar with a flag. You will even get detailed statistics to help you better with knowing your skills. Last, but not the least, you can even create your own friend list!

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