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Quiz games are a big hit on the Internet.  They are downloaded and played by millions of users worldwide. What does it take to make a successful quiz app? We at Muqaabla, look at some of the main features that good quiz games should have.

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Great design is the key for Quiz Games

The design of quiz games should be attractive. It should be easy on the eye, yet engaging. Some of the best quiz apps have the simplest designs. They are minimalistic and not cluttered. There are visuals and the information is presented in a clear and concise manner. And of course, one cannot get the design right to begin with. One needs to experiment and change and become better.

Mobile capabilities should be top-notch

Quiz games are played on the mobile, so they need to be   keeping the mobile experience in mind. The navigation should be simple and easy to understand. The fonts should be easily readable.  The images should be optimised for the mobile. The size of the screen, placement of information and buttons should be done smartly. A responsive design is thus important. The app should enable users to scroll horizontally and vertically to find anything they want.

Have interesting questions

Quiz games like Muqaabla which have visual–based questions are popular with users. People are attracted more to visuals. This makes the game exciting for the players. Overall the questions should be exciting, something that intrigues the reader. There should be questions based on a variety of topics and of varying difficulty levels.

Giving users an option to reach out

Users of an app want an easy way so that they can reach out to you. They may have any grievances or questions or may want to give some feedback. While an email is mandatory, even chat options that resolve queries can help. Most importantly one needs to have a mechanism in place so that responses are fast and helpful.

Collecting useful data from users

Quiz games that are being played by thousands of players can leverage the big data bank that they have. It would include information like name, email address, telephone number and so on. The data can be analysed to make quiz games more efficient. In this age, the more data quiz games have, the better.

Options to share

Users want to share questions, responses, points scored and other details with their friends. Having the right share buttons for different social media in place is crucial. Not only will they engage the users, users will also spread the word about your app.

Quiz games should have lucrative prize money

Good quiz games should have exciting prize money. This lures more and more people to play the game. When people see that others are actually winning money, they would want to play more. The bigger the prize money, the more lucrative quiz games are.

What are some of the other features quiz games should have? Please mention in the comments below.

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