Muqaabla Quiz show a big hit at a Puja Club

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The quiz show sponsored by Muqaabla at a Puja club in South Dum Dum on Sasthi was a huge crowd puller. Residents were aware that a quiz show would be hosted at 6.30 pm in the evening. There were pamphlets distributed in each of the houses in the locality and announcements made. The buzz for the quiz show was created.

quiz show

As the evening settled in, localities gathered at the venue near the Puja Pandal of Mela Mesha Club. A lot of visitors were also there. They were drawn by the announcement that a quiz show will be hosted by Muqaabla in the evening. People could be present at the venue and sign up to participate.

People turned up in large numbers for the Muqaabla quiz show

Very soon around 200 people had gathered. They were about 20 kids and 20 odd senior citizens. The participants were shortlisted to draw up three teams. In the first team were kids and those below 18. The other two groups were for male adult and female adults.

The announcer informed the crowd about the 3 rounds and the rules of the game. He also spoke about Muqaabla (the banner was up for everyone to see). Muqaabla , the sponsor of the quiz show , he said, was a quiz game you could play from your phone. And there were cash prizes to be won too!

The quiz show was for everyone

The round for the kids and the young adults started off the quiz show. There were hands shooting up every time a question was asked. Whoever gave the first correct answer got a point. If two or more people answered together, points were shared. And finally there was a winner who received a prize. There were consolation prizes of pens and chocolates for all the participants and also members of the audience. Then it was time of the adults to play. The women team was first. Women, working women, housewives and women senior citizens all were like eager schoolgirls. It was the same with the male participants. Every time someone answered correctly there was a lot of applause. When someone answered wrongly or could not answer, there were sighs.

Even as the participants got involved, the audience had their say too. Questions which remain unanswered were passed on to the audience. There were questions asked to the audience too.

The quiz show was a lot of fun. It brought people together and that is actually what Durga Puja is meant for. There was a lot of involvement from people across all age groups. There was excitement, moments of joy and heartbreak. The kids were of course the most excited, but so were the adults.

Muqaabla, the exciting quiz game that lets you win cash prizes

At the end of the game the announcer spoke about Muqaabla, India’s most exciting quiz game that would launch in November. Those who play the game can win up to Rs 10,000 daily. The fact that there was prize money to be won was the talking point. Many of them downloaded the game on their phones. The pamphlets distributed had created a buzz, now people knew what the game was about.

The Durga Pujas kicked off with a bang at Mela Mesha club. After all, nothing brings people together like a quiz show does.

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