5 Best Movie Quiz Games on Google Play Store

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Movie quiz games are a blast, we will have to admit . There is nothing like guessing the correct Bollywood song by glancing at a scene. Out of the hundreds of quiz games available on app stores, movie quiz games are quite popular. Specially in a country like India where thousands of films are released per year. The soaring popularity of Indian films is due to an ardent viewer base. This huge base consists of people for whom movies are a religion. For these filmy people, Bollywood stars are the real Gods. People in India worship actors as sincerely as their real Gods. Hence, it is only natural that Indians play movie quiz games quite passionately. Let us have a look at the 5 best movie quiz games available on Google Play Store.

Movie Quiz Games

Movie Quiz Games #1 Bollywood Movies Quiz

This is a clever picture puzzle game which gives you a picture first. The picture can be a scene from a movie, or a character from a movie. You will be given some jumbled letters. You will have to pick the appropriate letters and make the correct movie name out of it. If you get stuck, you have 20 chances of getting an answer. This app with a smooth interface and graphically distorted pictures is sure to keep you hooked.

Movie Quiz Games #2 PopcornTrivia

Taking quiz games to a whole new level, this app lets you go from a lowly cleaner to studio honcho by earning points. You can even host your own game show and challenge your friends. With hundreds of questions that you can chose to play with, this trivia quiz is for hardcore movie buffs.

Movie Quiz Games #3 Bollywood Songs Guess

Who doesn’t like Bollywood song and dance? The answer is no one! We all love those colours and dance moves characteristic of Indian movie songs. This game is pretty simple. You will be shown a scene from a Bollywood song, and you need to guess the name of the song correctly. For all those music loving people in India, this is the perfect movie quiz game!

Movie Quiz Games #4 The Massive Movie Quiz

With around 1250 questions ranging from easy to hard, this game will blow your mind. The questions center around movie history and covers a whole lot of genres. From blockbusters to classics, silent films, comedy, horror and sci-fi you can take your pick from what excites you the most.

Movie Quiz Games #4 Who Said That? – Movie Quotes Quiz Game

Are you the kind of person who remembers all dialogues from the classic movies? This game has been tailor-made for you. It is really simple. A dialogue will appear on your careen and you will have to guess which film it is from. You can play this game with other movie dialogue lovers across the globe.

Muqaabla is an exciting new quiz game app that is launching on the 8th of October. You can download the app from Google Play Store. Find a number of interesting pictorial questions from Bollywood films on this game. If you preregister now, you can even win a bonus of 1000 points!

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