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Of all the things we have learnt while building the Muqaabla app, app marketing is surely one of the most important.

Building a great app is not enough, like any other product or service it needs to be marketed. Basically one needs reach out to the target audience who are the most likely to use our app.This opens up a wide and interesting world of app marketing. In the following article we will discuss some basics of app marketing.

app marketing

The idea is to make people hear about your app. In our case we are working to spread the message that Muqaabla is a quiz app that you can play to earn cash prizes. There are a few million apps on the Google Play Store, so app marketing is important to reach build an audience for the app.

There are 3 steps to app marketing.

App installs

The first step is to make people download and install the app. This is also known as acquisition. Each download is like acquiring a user.

App usage

Users downloading the app is not enough. They have to use it too. In our case means users registering and then playing our app. In technical terms it is known as activation.

Returning users

The third step is to ensure that even as new users download our app, existing users stay on and keep using the app. If you have opened a grocery shop you will want existing customers to come back to you every time. It is the same thing here.

There are various ways to market an app. We broadly look at the few basic ways to market an app online.

Social app marketing

Here one needs to reach out to potential users of the app through social media app marketing. Paid social advertising on different platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a good way to reach out to potential users. First one needs to create a large social media base. Then offer a value proposition to users so that they download the app.

Offering incentives for app marketing

Another way to make people download the app is to offer real incentives. This could be some small monetary gift for each install. Though this has been seen to work well, the caveat here is people may uninstall an app after downloading it. An extension of this is having a referral program. Any user who has played Muqaabla and liked the game can invite his friends or family. Incentives can be given in this case too in forms of money or game points. This strategy works well because your users are doing app marketing on your behalf.

App marketing through search advertising

People playing games on their phones are the most likely to download another game app. There are ways to market the app in-store and also in search engines. Suppose a user is searching for specific keywords like quiz games, a Muqaabla ad can be displayed. This can encourage users to download the app. You can also place video ads of your game in other games. Sometimes watching an add gives a player extra points or lives.

We discussed some of the basic ways one can market a mobile app. Going ahead we will discuss more app marketing strategies.

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