Mickey Mouse: Our favourite cartoon character in the spotlight

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Did you know that Mickey Mouse is 90 years old? That is correct. Our favourite cartoon character is an old man, sorry mouse! Mickey Mouse was born on 18th November. Hence, this day is celebrated as ‘Mickey Mouse Day’ all over the world. His full name is Mickey Theodore Mouse. This was the first cartoon character with sync sound. This means that Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to talk! The first words he spoke were ‘Hot Dogs’! Created in 1928 by Mr. Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse is perhaps one of the most popular characters around the world. We cannot deny that rush of nostalgic happiness brought forth by him even today. On his birth Month, let us get to know the 90 year old anthropomorphic mouse better!

Mickey Mouse

The Birth Of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse was created as a replacement for another cartoon character. He appeared in a silent short film before publicly making his debut in the film Steamboat Willie. The character was actually developed around a tame mouse adorning Walt Disney’s desk! Initially, Mickey was going to be named ‘Mortimer’. But Disney’s wife convinced him otherwise saying ‘Mickey Mouse’ will be a better suited name. Apart from appearing in short and feature films, Mickey Mouse also appeared in comic strips that ran for over 45 years!

The truth behind Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is purportedly Mickey’s girlfriend. In the initial years Mickey Mouse appeared with his friend circle. This circle had Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto, his pet dog. According to common belief, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are an extremely private married couple! Like many other celebrity couples, they like to keep their marital harmony under the wraps. The people who gave Mickey’s and Minnie’s voice-over were also a happily married couple!

Accolades gathered by Mickey Mouse over the years

Apart from being more popular than Santa Claus himself, Mickey has many other things to boast of. He is the only cartoon character to have a star in the Hollywood walk of Fame. Except for Lyndon Johnson, each and every American President has posed with the ever-popular cute mouse! Walt Disney won an Academy Award for his creation in 1933. A book called 50 Greatest Animations was published in 1994 based on the votes of animation stalwarts. Four Mickey Mouse cartoons featured in this book. In the Australian street festival Moomba, Mickey was appointed the ‘King of Moomba’. Apart from this Mickey Mouse was the Grand Marshal for the Tournament of Roses parade in 2005.

Mickey Mouse is a character that takes us back to our childhood days. No matter how old we are, play the cartoon in front of us and we will stop short and start watching! The beauty of animation is that it is ageless and forever. As Walt Disney aptly put, “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”

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