Macaws – the giants of the parrot world

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Macaws are the brightest birds inhabiting our beautiful planet Earth. The bright colours of their feathers make them the most attractive beings. Found in the Amazon rainforest of South America, Macaws are the biggest species of the parrot family. They make for interesting and highly expensive pets. In some households, you will find a bright, big and beautiful bird talking relentlessly. That would be your typical pet macaw mimicking his human friend. Let us find out some rare things about this attractive birds.


Interesting ways in which Macaws adapt

In the tropical forests of Amazon, bright colours dominate. Trees, flowers, canopies and birds, it’s a collage of beautiful shades. Macaws have an appearance that help them blend into this setting. The bright gold, yellows and reds of the Macaws are easily distinguishable. All types of Macaws have several rings circling their eyes. Their pointy claws help them latch onto branches. Sometimes, they use their beaks as an additional leg! The feathers on their face is said to be unique; mostly like human DNA.

Macaws and their near-human personalities

It is said that Macaws have been kept as pets for hundreds of years. This is because of their affable personalities. They have a strong sense of likes and dislikes much like their human owners. They have opinions and distinct feelings. They are extremely loyal to humans. Therefore, Macaws are like the best pets to have! Macaws have a very long life. Sometimes, they even outlive their owners. They can live up to 80-90 years.

Macaws and their phenomenal strength

As mentioned earlier, some types of Macaws, use their beaks as an additional legs. This is possible because they have enormous strength in their beaks. They can crack open nut shells in a jiffy. Often, owners of macaw pets have to constantly keep them occupied. Because of their near-human behavioral aspects, they tend to get bored really easily. While bored, they need to be entertained constantly!  It is highly advisable that the owners keep them occupied all the time. There have been instances, where Macaws have chipped away on wood due to lack of entertainment. Although this can be put to good use, this can also lead to fatal destruction!

Typical Macaw traits – Clay-eating and Breeding for Life

In the Amazon forest, one of the major attraction for tourists is to watch clusters of Macaw eating clay. This is because in the fruit-heavy diet of Macaws, there are many toxins. The birds eat the clay in order to flush out those toxins. Also, the clay hosts a number of minerals which is good for them. When they are 3 or 4 years of age, Macaws will pick a mate and will stay with them for life! Not only will they breed together, they will share food and pretty much fulfill some major relationship goals!

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