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Live quiz games are being played by millions of people. Are you among them?

Team Muqaabla    

Ten years ago who would have thought that live quiz games would become a reality?

Technology has made many things possible which we never thought could be possible before. Now we can do banking transactions from our phone. We can talk to people from other counties via video call. Technology has also made live quiz games possible.

However, live quiz games have always been popular. All of us remember live quiz games that were held at schools. It was a matter of pride to be good at live quiz games.

Live Quiz Games

Live Quiz Games on Television

Television brought live quiz games to homes of people. A few people participated in the quiz. But it was broadcast to thousands of viewers who felt they were also a part of the game. The prize money made the live quiz games on TV more exciting.  Who Wants to Become A Millionaire became a big hit and so did its Indian counterpart Kaun Banega Crorepati

The Birth of Apps

On July 2008, Apple introduced the App Store with 500 apps and that changed what we could do with mobiles forever. Apps were born.  What it meant is that the software industry was no longer dominated by a few very large players. Any developer, who could be a single person, a small team or even a large company could build an app. A good idea and a good team could come together to build a successful app. Any app that met a customer demand would end up becoming popular.

Live Quiz Game Apps on Mobile

Hundreds of game apps have been a favourite of people since then. But with HQ Trivia launching on 31 December 2017 live quiz games on mobile would change forever. For the first time, two new things were possible. Thousands or even millions of people can play such games at the same time. All these players would be competing against each other. What was a game changer was however that these live quiz games also had the lure of prize money? With a chance to win cash prizes, more and more people started playing these live quiz games.  The phenomenon caught on all over the world including China and India.

 The Technology behind Live Quiz Games

 How do these live quiz games work? The idea of these live quiz games is that these are multiplayer games. Several people can log in and play these games at the same time. It is a very technical process but will try to explain it simply here. There are basically two sides here, the client and the server. The client, who can be individuals sitting at networked devices can send it a request to the host server. The host server processes the request real time. This lets players play at the same time and compete with each other to get the highest score. Multi-player games are becoming very popular the world over as it cuts across distance. Online quiz games are no exception.

Muqaabla is a live quiz game that is launching on 8 October 2018 when it will be available for download from Google Play Store.

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