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3 ways in which Live quiz games are changing the face of Indian mobile games

Team Muqaabla    

Live quiz games – Have you ever thought about how we are living in a strange transitory world nowadays. The influence of new media is slowly but steadily winning over traditional media like newspapers. Even TV sets are smart nowadays with the ability to let you watch a lot of things other than TV shows!

Live Quiz Games

Live Quiz games in the era of smartphones

Similarly, even quiz games and the way of playing them have changed a lot. Remember how we used had dedicated quiz magazines? The answers to a quiz published in an issue used to be revealed in the next issue of the magazine. We have surely come a long way since those days. In the age of instant gratification, Today, we have a device that gives us the opportunity of availing whatever we need with just a few clicks! Live quiz games are getting more and more popular in India. Almost everywhere in our vicinities, we must have noticed a bunch of people engrossed in clicking away answers on quiz apps. What makes live quiz games so addictive? Let us find out.

Live quiz games bring forth a sense of community

There is a certain amount of bonhomie associated with engaging in a play with a host of other people. Even if, the others playing are complete strangers, people draw from Live quiz games a very strong sense of community. The kick of playing a live game is almost unmatched. More so, if a live game is being played by thousands of fellow Indians at the same time, the excitement is bound to be unmatched.

Live quiz games attract users with cash prizes

Apps like Loco, BrainBaazi and Quereka, the most popular live quiz games in India right now give out cash. A grand amount of cash is given out to all the top scorers of a particular session. The ability to win cash is something that no Indian is ever going to let go off! This is perhaps one of the most attractive reasons for a majority of users to get hooked to playing live quiz games.

Live quiz games are getting as popular as reality shows

It is true! If you look at the dynamics, around 7-8 years back, reality shows on television saw an exponential growth. The same way, 2017 has been the beginning of a new addiction for the nation. With the rapidly spreading popularity of Live quiz games, we can safely assume that it is the next best thing! Live quiz games are here to stay and probably get even more popular with the passage of time.

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