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Kerala is known as ‘God’s Own country’. The most common mythological story behind this involves an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to ancient belief, Lord Parsuram threw his axe on water to create land. He did this in order to accommodate living space for his devotees. Thus, Kerala was created by God himself! The word ‘Kerala’ is a derivative of ‘Kera’ which in Malyalam means coconut. Quite literally, in a nutshell, Kerala is the land of coconuts!  With Greenery, culture and fabulous destinations galore, Kerala is an attractive tourist spot. Let us decode why Kerala is such a good option for vacations, food expeditions and exploring a slice of India.


Kerala – Find yourself in the lap of nature

If you are the kind of person who loves being engulfed in lush greenery, Kerala is the right place for you. Famous for the ethereal backwaters, Kerala is full of mesmerizing nature treats. From gorgeous waterfalls, pure green lagoons, breath-taking beaches, you will find it all in Kerala. The backwaters and lakes provide you the opportunity of leisure in beautiful houseboats. Some of the most exotic beaches in India are located in this beautiful state. You will find mountains, rivers, lakes, dams, beaches and greenery all over. Kerala is one of the greenest places in the whole world. No wonder it is called God’s own country!

Kerala – The beauty of South Indian Culture

Kerala is a place that boasts of great cultural heritage. Out of the eight classical dance forms of India, two are from Kerala. Kathakali is distinguishable from other forms because of the use of colourful face masks and costumes. Mohiniyattam on the other hand, is more delicate and feminine. The oldest martial art is also originally from Kerala. A unique combination of dance and fight postures, Kalaripayattu is revered all over the world. Kerala has a distinctive style when it comes to art forms. Malyalam literature offers rich works resulting from a Renaissance and years of development. Even in the field of music and cinema, Kerala has offered some big names.

Kerala – Delicious food from the Spice Garden of India

Kerala is a place where a lot of Indian spices are cultivated. These spices are then proffered to the entire country and sometimes they even travel abroad. Because Hence, Kerala is called the ‘India’s spice garden’. Keralite staple food mainly consists of fish and rice. Sandwiched between the Arabic Sea and Western ghats, Kerala offers some lip-smacking food options that are to die for. Mostly a fish-loving people, Malayalis are known for their delectable palette and great taste in food. Red meat is also a favourite among people from this part. Malayali cuisine uses a strong dash of chillies, coconut, curry leaves and tamarind that makes for mouth-watering tasty dishes. The kerala style mutton curry is quite famous for its juiciness and the right blend of flavours and spices.

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