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GK quiz games are fairly competent stress-busters. Did you know that playing games in itself helps a lot with mental health issues? Trivia games should be played by people who want to cut out their mid-week woes. A large number of games are available across various app stores. You can easily download these games and play along for your own benefit. Let us explore some of the best and highly rated GK quiz games available on Google Play Store.

GK Quiz Games

GK Quiz Games #1 QuizzLand

This is an entertainment quiz game with questions that are so unique, you won’t find them elsewhere! You should be able to have fun as well as duly educate yourself with a game like this. Available in English, Spanish and Russian; download this game to test your knowledge. You will earn coins for correct answers. You can use these coins to unlock hints and answers in case you get stuck somewhere. The questions adhere to varied interests and this makes sure that everyone is hooked. Games like QuizzLand actually make learning a mighty fun process.

GK Quiz Games #2 Trivia Crack

One of the most downloaded games at Google Play Store, Trivia Crack is for people who love GK Quizzes. Loaded with fun trivia questions, you can play this with people from all over the world. You can even suggest your own questions apart from answering quiz questions. There are six wonderful categories to choose from and each is led by a special character. Also, there is a wheel that has to be spun and your luck decides what questions you will answer!

GK Quiz Games #3 General Knowledge Quiz

This game has thousands of questions for you to explore. New questions are added every week. This is a hardcore GK quiz with questions that adhere to factual details. Shifting away from pop culture segments, play this game if you are in for some serious quizzing. All the answers are linked to relevant Wikipedia pages for you to learn more about various topics!

GK Quiz Games #4 5000+ Trivia Games & Quizzes

For people who get excited about challenges and love being touted as smart and intelligent, this game has really interesting questions! With a whopping 40 categories and more than 1000 GK questions, this is like a treasure trove. You can unlock bonus points for all the right answers and play this game for free.

GK Quiz Games #5 General Knowledge Quiz 2018

Find questions from a mind-boggling range of topics. Current Affairs, 90’s Music, Airline and Airports, Anatomy, Animals, Arts, Ballet, Boxing, Boy Brands, Geography in numbers, Animals Quiz, Architectural, Technical, Sports and Science Quiz. Boasting of a fine User Interface and Experience, this game is a must download for all quiz lovers!

Muqaabla is all set to launch on the 8th of October! Pull up your quizzing socks and get ready to play and win cash! Top scorers can earn loads of cash from Monday to Friday! Hurry up, only two days left for you to pre-register and win an additional 1000 points.

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