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A quest for knowledge defines every human being. This is the reason that quiz games have always been so popular. With the rise of mobile gaming, GK quiz games have caught the imagination of the audience.

GK Quiz Games in India

Questions in these GK quiz games are spread over a wide range of topics like history, sports, music, politics, food, science and so on. So such games a hit with students, those preparing for exams like IAS and UPSC. It is also popular with quiz buffs and with anyone who wants to increase their general knowledge.

Muqaabla, GK quiz games, which you can play during 5 sessions daily from Monday to Friday, tests your general knowledge by asking you picture-based questions. The challenge is that you have to answer each question in 10 seconds. Each GK question is based on a picture and also comes with a hint to help you choose the right answer among 4 options. Not only do you need to know the right answer, you would also need to answer correctly within the given period of time.

The session timings for Muqaabla GK quiz game are 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm and 9 pm. Each session has 10 questions spread over three rounds with 4, 4 and 2 questions in each of the rounds. At the beginning of each session, every player starts with 10,000 points. For the first two rounds, you receive 200 points if you answer a GK question correctly and lose 100 points if you answer wrongly. For the last round, you receive 400 points for answering a GK question correctly and you lose 200 points for answering it wrong. The idea is to answer the maximum number of questions correctly.

Play GK quiz games to earn money

The exciting thing about GK Quiz games is that you can be the top scorer and win prize money. When you play the GK quiz game Muqaabla you can win prize money in each of the 5 sessions daily. The amount of prize money given up will depend on the number of users who register to the play the game. This means with more number of players logging in to play the game, the prize money will go up.

GK quiz games are meant to test your general knowledge and also help you to add to your general knowledge bank. You can play GK quiz games with your friends in any other part of India and compete with them to score the maximum points.

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