3 Things We Love About Gajar Ka Halwa

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Gajar Ka Halwa is like the brand ambassador of Indian desserts. Think delicious gooey orange Indian dessert and voila! What comes to our mind is a bowl of heaven. Yes we are talking about Gajar ka Halwa, the amazing home-made sweet that is loved by all and sundry. It is undoubtedly the most popular of all North Indian desserts. Gajar ka Halwa requires no fuss to cook. It is simple, healthy and an absolute delight! We cannot get enough of this dessert, and this article explores exactly that. We shall be going into the sweet details of why Indians love Gajar ka Halwa.

Gajar ka halwa

Oodles of ghee makes a perfect Garjar ka halwa

We Indians are very much aware of the benefits of Ghee. Our very own Desi Clarified butter, ghee works like magic. No batch of Gajar ka Halwa is perfect without those dollops of ghee that is put during cooking it. The ghee along with Indian spices gives out a mesmerizing aroma that is to die for. As any well-meaning Indian foodie will tell you, ghee is what your cooking needs to be tasty. All standard recipes of Gajar ka halwa will ask to you to put in a good amount of this ingredient.  Like all other Indian sweets that are proud torch-bearers of calories, sugar and fat galore, Gajar ka Halwa is no exception. We are far from complaining though!

Gajar ka halwa: Keeping tradition alive, forever

The act of eating together, cooking and sharing food is a biggie when it comes to Indian values. Gajar ka halwa is one such dish which will have numerous recipes. every family has a special recipe for Gajar ka Halwa that is passed on from generation to generation. What’s more, you can accrue multiple recipes for this dessert from various elderly family members. Little girls learn these recipes early on in their lives. It is a tradition for most women to dish out their version at their prospective in-laws’ universe. Men, on the other hand resort to cooking Gajar Ka Halwa when away from home, owing to the simple nature of most recipes.

 Gajar ka halwa can be nutritious in nature

Made mainly with grated carrots, Gajar ka Halwa is actually good for you. Carrots have a bunch of antioxidants and nutrients which is good for the human eyesight. Gajar ka halwa is often made with a good amount of nuts sprinkled on top. This increases the nutritional value of the dessert. Many vegan and low-fat versions of the popular dessert are also available today across marts and shops. For health conscious people, this might come across as a valid choice, a sugar-free vegan cup of Gajar ka halwa sounds about right. However, for a typical Indian person with a typical sweet-tooth, Gajar ka Halwa must have all the calories and fat associated with excellent taste.

Indian winters are incomplete without that quintessential pot of Gajar Ka Halwa. The cooking emits an aroma that is hard to miss or resist. When you are away from home, Gajar Ka Halwa is sure to bring you memories. It will always remind you of your mother’s magic touch.

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