3 Fun Quizzes that You must Play!

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Fun quizzes are the best way to pass those tedious hours when you’ve got nothing to do! We all have faced those excruciating time spans when we are waiting for something/someone and have no apt weapon to kill the time with. Fun quizzes are the finest you will lay your hands on during such circumstances.

Fun Quizzes

Most fun quizzes actually delve deep into personality analysis. Typical quizzes will ask you a bunch of questions. Based on the answer choices you make, you will get a paragraph on your personality traits! Let us explore and find out the best fun quizzes from the depths of the internet.

Fun Quizzes you must play #1 Which Harry Potter character are you?

This is a very special quiz. The results include all those lovable characters who were killed off in one of the seven books. Kudos to Miss Rowling for coming up with characters that were so lovable that people still remember how they died and practically miss them. I got “Fred Weasley” and was ready to shed some tears remembering how he was killed off.

Fun Quizzes you must play #2 Which Indian Dish are you?

A game about lip-smacking Indian dishes that will look at your habits and characteristics to tell you what you really are. Although I was a tad disappointed to get ‘Veg biriyani’ as my result. This fun quiz will tell you oodles about your personality. Most people around the world, do not know anything beyond ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’. This quiz will ensure that the whole world knows the names of a good many number other tasty Indian dishes.

Fun Quizzes you must play #3 Order A Few Takeout Meals And We’ll Tell You What City You Belong In

We love this quiz so very much! You will get to pick among some gorgeous choices. We love food so much and all the more so if they co-relate to a beautiful city of our dreams. Most users love these uplifting quizzes due to the beautiful visuals that they need to see, click and chose! The beauty of these utterly useless yet entertaining quizzes online is the fact that the thoughts and the visuals are so very attractive along with the anticipation of what answer you get. It is enough to draw chronic time-killers in hordes to these beautifully crafted quizzes.

What is even more interesting is the fact you can even make your own quiz in a bunch of websites all over. All you need is some time, a little bit of spunk and some crazy writing abilities!

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