5 Free Movie Quiz Games that will keep you hooked!

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Free movie quiz games are amazing! If you happen to be a movie buff, you will know what I am talking about. Movie quiz games are a good way to pass the time. For all the filmy Indians out there, a good movie quiz game is enough to keep them hooked. Listing out some of the best free movie quiz games on Google Play Store. Read this through and decide for yourself which one (if not all!) suits you the best.

Free Movie Quiz Games

Free Movie Quiz Games #1 Guess the Movie – Bollywood Movie Quiz Game

A highly rated fun and addictive game based on Bollywood films, you will love this app for its smooth interface. The game play is really simple. You will be shown some specific scenes from Bollywood films. You will have to guess the name correctly. The names will appear in a jumble. You will have to unscramble the letters and come up with the correct name. This game is so addictive you will be hooked right from the word go.

Free Movie Quiz Games #2 – Popcorn Quiz – Movie Trivia

This one is a tad bit different. Instead of scenes from your favourite films, you will be shown popular objects. You will have to guess which movie the object was depicted in. There are more than 200 levels and this makes this movie quiz even more exciting! There are questions from more than 200 films worldwide. For all cinema lovers, this one of a kind game is sure to keep you occupied.

Free Movie Quiz Games #3 – Guess Hindi Movies Dialogues

If you are a Bollywood lover, you will surely love this game for all the wonderful dialogues you will have to go through. For example, it won’t be difficult for Bollywood enthusiasts to figure out which film the following dialogue is from:-

“Jab tak tere pair chalenge tab tak uski saansein chalegi….Tere pair ruke toh yeh bandook chalegi”
The film is the all popular ‘Sholay’ and we Indians love this film! For more dialogues like this, you should check out this app and keep playing.

Free Movie Quiz Games #4 – Film? Film. Film!

If you would like a game which combines a variety of popular elements, this is it for you! You need to guess correct films from partial posters, to emojis to relevant quotes. You will also get to guess the film star from his/her childhood photo. This is an absolute fun game packing in a lot of punch for movie-lovers. There are four game modes, 400 levels, and the best work of world cinema, all in one single app!

Muqaabla, is a quiz app that has a number of Bollywood trivia questions. It is live now, you can download it from Google Play Store. For the love of Bollywood and world films, check out India’s most exciting quiz app. Win delightful cash prizes daily from Monday to Friday. Play in Hindi or in English. For a host of interesting picture-based questions, Download Muqaabla today and start playing!

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