8 Fun Quiz Games You can Play for Free

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Fun quiz games are very easy to come by nowadays. All you need is a smart phone and an internet connection. Playing fun quiz games is very popular in India. Hundreds of thousands of people use their mobiles and other devices to download, install and start playing quiz games. Here is a list to elaborate on the best quiz games available.

Fun Quiz Games

Fun quiz Games #1 Quiz of Knowledge

This app has over 4000 trivia questions with around 5 levels of difficulty. The users get 3 lives in total, and they get to see their rank on a global leader board. The game is playable offline as well. The game has over 16 categories to choose from.

Fun quiz Games #2 Top TV Shows Trivia Quiz Game

If you are a television series enthusiast, this is the game for you. Finds hundreds of questions of TV shows and play this amazing trivia quiz game. There are 4 different types of questions available. There is multiple-choice, rearranging letters to form a word, scratch the surface of a picture to type the answer etc.

Fun quiz Games #3 Science Fun Quiz Game

For all the questions related to science, download this fun quiz game from the Google Play store. A game devoted to science will ensure you learn new things every time you play!

Fun quiz Games #4 Icon Quiz: Fun Icons Trivia!

This a free game with an amazing collection of icons of Famous People, Movies, TV Shows, Characters, Places, and Brands. You have to unlock icons from over 60 packs. The game starts getting more difficult as you unlock more and more icons.

Fun quiz Games #5 Food Fun Trivia Questions Quiz

If you are a food lover, this game is definitely for you! You will face text and pictorial questions about food from all over the world. This game has 5 levels of difficulty and an endless array of questions.

Fun quiz Games #6 Animals Quiz Game

Learn fun facts about wildlife from all over the world. This game is practically an ‘animal encyclopedia’. Check your knowledge about endangered species, jungle, domestic and aquatic animals.

Fun quiz Games #7 Maths All Levels Quiz Game

With this game you can actually solve maths problems and learn new formulas. A very useful game for students in India, this game makes you take maths in a fun way and practice without the help of textbooks.

Fun quiz Games #8 90’s Quiz Game

If you were born in the 1990’s, this game is just for you. Get ready to take a stroll along nostalgia lane with this fun quiz game. You will be be given some pictures of your favourite celebs, games, TV shows, logos from that era, and you have guess them correctly.

Muqaabla is another exciting quiz game that is coming at Google Play Store from the 8th of October 2018. With this exciting game you can even win cash prizes. You can download the app once it launches. However, if you want to win 1000 bonus points, you need to preregister now!

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