5 Interesting Facts about Trivia Games

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Trivia Games have always been Popular

Let us first take a look at how the word trivia came about.

The origin of the word: According to www.etymonline.com the word trivia comes from Latin ‘trivium’ which means a ‘place where there roads meet.’ The adjective of this word is ‘trivialis’, which also means ‘public’ or ‘commonplace.’ Trivia in one sense means ‘unimportant matters.’  So the word trivia means something in which someone might take some interest but is of no consequence.  The idea of trivia games originated from this.

Trivia Games

The Trivial Pursuit Board Game

This game depends on the player’s ability to answer general knowledge and trivia questions. This is a board trivia game that became very popular in its time. Basically, a player moves on a track where there are different colours which stand for different categories. When a player stops on a certain colour he has to answer a question of that category. By giving the correct answers, a player can move ahead. To win a player has to move to the center of the board. In 1984 the game reached the peak of its popularity and sold 20 million games.

 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

This is one of the most famous trivia games on television.  Here contestants have to answer a series of increasingly difficult questions on the way to win the prize money of a million dollars. The game became one of the highest rated game shows in the history of television. The show started in 1999 and was even held in 2018 to mark its 20th anniversary. The show Kaun Banega Crorepati which was famously hosted by Amitabh Bachchan is the Indian version of the show. It also became very popular and became a household name in India.

The New York Times Trivia Section

The New York Times has a regular section on trivia questions. This section is very popular with the readers. You can go to The New York Times website and check the archive of trivia game questions. Ray Hamel, the man behind these questions is a master of trivia questions. He has written more than 40,000 trivia questions till date. He is also the author of the New York Times Trivia Quiz book.

Mobile Trivia games

The latest craze is, of course, mobile trivia games. These can be played either on Android or Apple phones. It all started with HQ Trivia, which set the way for trivia games which offered prize money to winners. Very soon trivia games were a hit in other countries. A lot of money rode on these trivia games and these trivia games had millions of players hooked to them. There are several trivia games in India too like Loco and Braainbaazi. Muqaabla, another trivia game will be going live on 8th October 2018. Every day you can win up to Rs 10,000 by answering 10 questions in Hindi and English and being the top scorer.

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