3 Reasons You Should Play English Quiz Games

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The popularity of English Quiz Games is slowly gaining momentum

English quiz games in India is getting more and more popular. India is a country with the population of teeming millions. Nonetheless, only about 12% of the Indian population use spoken English as a means of communication. In India, there is a ridiculous yet widespread view that knowing how to speak in English is directly associated with being ‘educated’. Speaking in English is also considered some sort of vague assurance of ‘status’. In India, not being able to speak in English is oft considered a major drawback. There are loads of people who suffer from unnecessary bouts of inferiority complex because of not being to speak fluently in English. Let us get into the reasons why playing English quiz games can turn out advantageous for such people.

English Quiz Games

Learn the language properly by playing English Quiz Games

Playing quiz games in a language you are not quite comfortable with will only make it better for your vocabulary. You will automatically want to score the highest amount of points, in any given quiz. Henceforth, participating in a quiz game which requires you to use English will definitely help you brush up your spoken skills. Playing English quiz games at least twice a day will do wonders for you. You will start ‘thinking’ in  English – a language that is not your mother-tongue. Apart from that, constantly trying to read in English will help you grasp the inside out of English Grammar.

Meet new people by playing English Quiz Games

Are you getting tired of fake profiles on social media? A quiz game portal is a good way to meet people of your own kind. If you are looking to learn English through an English quiz game app, you must try out the option for reaching out to fellow players. Most of the times you get to meet and socialise with people who are seeking the same things from that particular game app!

Increase your reading speed with English Quiz Games

Apart from improving your spoken English skills, playing English quiz games will also help you with increasing your reading speed. Many Indians trying to get better versed with the English language would not want to let go of an opportunity to improve their spoken or other skills associated with the language of English. Reading books in that language is one of the main things that are offered as advice for learning a new language. Since a quiz game forces you to read the text in a limited amount of time in order to answer a question correctly, it is rather helpful in this matter.

All things said and done, playing English quiz games is actually creates a win-win scenario. You have nothing to lose, only better learning and not to forget awesome cash prizes!

Muqaabla is a whole new quiz game that you can play in English. Launching on the 8th of October, you can easily download it from the Google Play Store. You can win lovely cash prizes with Muqaabla. Every new user gets a bonus of 1000 points and if you pre-register now, you will get another 1000 points! Try out this English quiz game for all the aforementioned reasons, we assure you, it will turn out beneficial for you.

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