3 Reasons why Bollywood quiz games are popular

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Bollywood quiz games – reasons behind its popularity

Bollywood has always been a sought-after topic for Indians. Be it news of upcoming films or the personal lives of actors, Bollywood generates a hefty amount of interest. For Bollywood quiz games as well, there is a huge online market. Being one of the biggest film industries in the world, there is no dearth of trivia. Indians love testing their knowledge of Bollywood by actively participating in a host of Bollywood quiz games available online. Milking the popularity of the subject, you will find a number of Bollywood quiz games to engage in across Indian websites. Let us look at some of the driving factors for the popularity of Bollywood quiz games.

Bollywood quiz games

Availability of content for Bollywood quiz games

It is common knowledge that Bollywood produces around 1000 films per year. This number is more than double with regard to Hollywood,  the highest grossing film industry in the entire world. The market for films in India surpasses statistics from many countries all over the world. The amount of people going into theatres to watch movies is humungous and is slated to grow exponentially. Thus, the content search for Bollywood Quiz games is bound to yield never-ending results. Questions for Bollywood quiz games are the easiest to formulate. It is lucrative to increase visitor count on filmy websites and one of the formulas is to incorporate Bollywood quiz games.

The thrill of scoring in Bollywood quiz games

With the consistent interest of Indians in Bollywood trivia, Bollywood quiz games are here to stay. A huge chunk of the population derives extreme pleasure from playing quiz games online to pass their free time. Picture-based, multiple-choice or trivia based, Indians love participating in Bollywood quiz games. It gives them a sense of pride and belonging to hone their knowledge of Hindi films. Hence, it is only natural, that the common man’s thirst for scoring more and more points in Bollywood quiz games is what makes them so very popular.

Trivia knowledge through Bollywood quiz games

It is imperative that we understand that Bollywood quiz games impart a great deal of knowledge to people actively taking part in them. Because of a large amount of general interest in Bollywood trivia, Indians play quizzes online to learn more and more interesting tidbits about film history and on-shoot stories. For example, take this multiple-choice question found in one of the popular film websites:

Name the first film in which Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan worked together?

  • Guddi
  • Mili
  • Ek Nazar
  • Abhiman

The answer is, Guddi. Mr. Amitabh Bachhan and Jaya Bachhan, née Bhadhuri are two iconic film personalities married to each other for many years. A question like this is bound to spark interest for any true-blue Bollywood fan. The magic of Bollywood quiz games is that even if one answers incorrectly one is never de-motivated from participating in such quizzes. Therefore, it is an excellent win-win situation. A surge of joy for answering correctly and a new learning from every incorrect answer.

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