Angular 6: A popular game development platform

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In this article, we will discuss Angular 6. This is the stuff of programmers and coders, our effort would be to introduce you to the wonderful world of app development.

What is Angular 6? In layman’s terms Angular is a platform that is used to make web applications. Angular 6, the latest version of Angular was launched on May 4, 2018. It has been developed by Google.

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Without going into the technicalities we will look at some of the key benefits of Angular 6 in app development. We will try and use as much less jargon as possible, but when we do we will explain it for you.

Cross platform app development

 Angular 6 can be used for developing apps across Android and iOS operating systems.  One can use Angular 6 to develop desktop applications for Mac, Windows and Linux too. This makes Angular 6 a popular app development platform.

Efficient coding and development

Smart developers prefer writing short but effective code. Angular 6 turns templates into code and thus gives you the benefits of handwritten code. Angular also supports Model-View-Controller or MVC that separates the application into three main components which as the name suggests are Model, View and Controller. This results in a fast app development process. Also modifications of a certain part does not affect the entire coding architecture.

Another feature of Angular 6 is code splitter. This allows one to break the codebase into smaller chunks which in effect are a number of smaller applications. These chunks can be loaded on demand. Since only a fraction of the app is loaded and not the entire app, the performance is boosted.

The Angular Command Line Interface ( CLI) which is a means of interacting with a computer program, helps develop an application faster, adds components and tests and then deploy it soon. It further helps you make scalable projects and handle common tasks with ease.


Testing is a key part of app development. Angular 6 offers a feature called Unit Testing. Under Unit Testing when you are adding a new feature to the app, you can run the tests to make sure that you are not breaking any other part of the application. Unit testing thus gives developers the option of putting a lot of thought to any new development and getting it right. At the same time they can be sure that no bugs are introduced during the process of app development.

Quiz game Muqaabla which lets you win cash prizes has been developed using Angular 6. Our developers have used the Angular platform to develop a game that is interactive and fun to play. For more details on Muqaabla visit and download the app from the Play Store.

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