Android Studio: The official IDE for Android

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In our journey to introduce you to tech, today we will discuss Android Studio.

First to decode some jargon. What is IDE as you may have wondered after reading the headline?

IDE stands for Integrated Android Development. IDE is a software that provides programmers with basic tools that are required to write and test software.

Android Studio

What is Android Studio?

Android Studio is the official IDE for Google’s operating system Android. It is also the most powerful tool to develop Android apps. Most of the apps you come across in Android are built using Android Studio.

Android Studio was first announced in 2013. After several beta versions it was released to the public in 2014.

If you are developing an Android app Android Studio provides you with the interface that is needed to create the app.  Even as you develop the app, Android Studio takes care of the complex file managing process in the background.

Features of Android Studio

We will now discuss some of the basic features of Android Studio as mentioned on their official site Without going too much into details we will take a look at how it makes coding simpler.

‘Instant run’ on Android Stufio understands changes you make to your app

When you make any changes in your app, Android Studio intelligently understands the changes and updates it to your app. For that you do not need to re-start your app or build your APK again. You can see the changes in your app immediately. This saves time and makes the app development process faster.

Intelligent code editor in Android Studio helps you write better code

This feature of Android Studio offers code completion, refactoring and code analysis. In the code completion feature, Android Studio offers you suggestions as you type. These you can insert in your code. Code refactoring restructures existing code and improves its internal structure without affecting its external behaviour. Code analysis analyses the source code to detect any errors or vulnerabilities.

Emulator feature helps you prototype and test your app

This feature installs and starts your app faster than it would take if you did it on an Android device. It lets you test your app on various different Android configurations whether it is phones, tablets and wearable devices. It also lets you simulate hardware features like GPS location and motion sensors. This feature makes the app testing process fast and efficient.

Install code templates and check sample apps

Android Studio includes project and code templates. This allows you to add well-established code patterns to your app. You can also search for sample codes and import functional apps from software development program GitHub.

Link checks and quick fixes

Android Studio comes with  strong static analysis framework which comes with over 280 different link checks across your app. Plus, it also offers quick fixes that help you fix several issues with a single click.

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