Reasons why mobile games are so popular

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Mobile games are gaining popularity in India at a phenomenal rate. More than 222 million active users spent an average of 42 minutes every day over 5 sessions as of 2017. This is according to data by POKKT, a mobile video advertising platform.

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We take a look at why mobile games have become so popular.

You can play mobile games from anywhere

The most obvious reason for the popularity of mobile games is that you can play them from anywhere. Everybody has a smart phone nowadays. Prices of smartphones have come down and availability of cheap and fast data has increased. Even an adults who are not serious gamer are downloading games on their mobiles and playing them.

Mobile games are easy to download

Mobile games are easy to download and play. Most mobile games are free and you can download them in a few seconds. You do not need a separate gaming console. You also do not need to buy the games separately.. Also, there are in-app purchases, but some of the most popular mobile games like Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds and so on are free.

Mobile games are easy to play

Developers ensure that these games are mobile friendly. They have short levels which can be completed quickly. You can go back and start the game all over again if you want. Such games also offer free coins or bonus points which let people start a game from when they lose their lives.  Some games also let you save your progress as you play. These games also stay open in the background when you do not play them. So you can come and play them later.

Further, mobile games are designed in such a way that they have easy controls and navigation. Mobile graphics have improved a lot recently making the games more attractive.  This makes mobile games very popular with the masses.

Mobile games are fun

Anyone who has played a mobile game will agree with this. There are a wide variety of mobile games available. These range from action games, strategy games, racing games, maths games, quiz games and so on. There are games that make you think. There are also games where all you need to do is to burst colourful bubbles. These casual games are a big hit with people as they can be played by anyone.

Some of these games you can play alone, some are two-player games while others are multiplayer games. Basically, there is a game out there for everybody.

Also as mentioned earlier, mobile games take up very little time. You can play a game for a few minutes too. Basically, there is a mobile game to play when you need a break. You can play a mobile game when you are waiting for a bus or travelling in one.

Large developers making mobile games

It being such a lucrative market, large game developers with lots of investment potential are also making mobile games. Not only do they invest heavily in cutting edge technology, they also have a huge marketing budget. Mobile games are thus catching the imagination of the masses very fast.

 Can you think of any other reason why mobile games are so popular? Please let us know in the comments below.

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