3 ways to have the best Diwali this year!

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Diwali or Deepawali is a special festival for all Indians. Clean up your house, evict all negativity from your being and welcome Goddess Lakshmi into your life. It is one festival that is celebrated all over the world with much aplomb. Hence, Indians wait for Diwali to come by with bated breath. Diwali brings in bonus packs from respective organizations. This is the festival of lights. All Indian cities are prettied up with shimmering lights and colourful paper lanterns. From one week prior to the auspicious day, Indians decorate their houses with Diyas or electric bulbs. Consider this article your ultimate guide to having a blast on Diwali 2018.


Let this Diwali be your Luckiest!

We all know how playing cards for real money is a thing even elders do not frown upon during Diwali. Hence, you can pull up your gambling socks and roll the dice all night long! They say, luck only favours those who give it a chance. Let this Diwali be YOUR diwali. Do not shy away from indulging in those ‘gadda’ sessions to play Teen Patti (Indian poker) and win those pots of loose change. Some North Indian families actually have a tradition of playing cards with money during Diwali. The senior most members of these families also participate in something that is otherwise looked down upon as something only the illiterate and unemployed indulge in.

Be safe and sound this Diwali

The government of India has recently imposed a ban on crackers post 10 PM. We suggest you adhere to this rule. Not only for your own safety, but out of compassion for our animal friends. The sound of loud crackers all night long amounts to real torture for dogs and other animals. The Government has your own good in mind while passing these laws. Trust them to look out for you! Light those mobile sky lanterns that fly high across the shining sky. It will add to the beauty of yet another glorious Indian festival admired by scores of people throughout the world. Think twice about bursting those chocolate bombs, you might be disturbing the elderly and the ailing.

This Diwali, let your diet take a back-seat

We all know Diwali comes with the lure of lip-smacking ghee-laden sweets and snacks. We suggest, in order to have a good one this year, forget all about the gym and the instructor! After all, what is an Indian festival that does not involve hogging on some lovely Indian dishes? Diwali is not an exception. Since this festival is all about bonhomie and the love of family members and neighbours, food plays an important role. Do your guilt-ridden heart a favour, forget all about your diet. If you want to celebrate, you cannot do it without the good food. Don’t worry, you can sweat it out and lose that Diwali paunch right after this week is over!

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