Why Quiz Games in Hindi are a Hit

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Quiz games in Hindi are popular because there are about 52 crore Hindi speakers in India.  Hindi is the most commonly spoken language in India. The quiz game Muqaabla can be played in English and Hindi. Going ahead there is a plan to launch it in other regional languages.

Quiz Games in Hindi

The demand for quiz games in Hindi

Initially, we had done a small test with a limited audience and got a lot of important feedback. Some of the players had suggested that they would like to play quiz games in Hindi. We were already working to launch the app in Hindi and we knew we were on the right track.

If you go to the website Muqaabla.com there is an option to choose the language at the top. When you choose Hindi, you enter a Hindi website.

The website is essentially the landing page of the app. So it provides all the information anybody may want to know about the app.

Muqaabla website in Hindi

The Hindi website has all the information the English website has. It has information on rules to play Muqaabla. You also find out how you can win cash prizes by winning the maximum points in a single session. You also get to read the founder’s blog in Hindi and access all the sections of the website.

You also have the option to pre-register and get 1,000 points. This is over and above the 10,000 points, a player starts within each of the 5 sessions daily. Once you pre-register, we add these points to your account and a password is sent to you. When you download the game and sign in with that password, you get to start with 11,000 points. This will give you an edge over other players in the race to being the top scorer.

When you start playing Muqaabla on your phone, you can again choose between English and Hindi. If you choose Hindi, the questions and the options will also appear in Hindi. What this means that it is an entire experience in Hindi, meant for those who are comfortable with the language.

Quiz games in Hindi have a wider reach

The idea of quiz games in Hindi is simple. It helps a game reach out to a large population in Tier 2 cities and in the hinterland. People here might be comfortable in the Hindi language and would want to play a game in Hindi.

The reason behind the popularity of quiz games in Hindi is that the penetration of smartphones and the availability of cheap data have meant that mobile gaming has reached the furthest corners of the country. Reaching out to a new set of users is important. It lets these games attract sponsors who would only come in if a game has a large number of users.

In a recent development, the government has made it mandatory for phone manufacturers to support regional languages. This has worked well for the phone manufacturers as it helps users send and receive messages in their own language. For the same reason, there is a need for having quiz games in Hindi to reach out to a larger audience.

Would you play Muqaabla in English or in Hindi? Please tell us in the comments below.

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